PersonalityMatch: Improve Your Relationship using a Powerful Algorithm

Improve Relation using a Powerful Algorithm

It is always great to connect with people who have a lot in common with you. Those are the kinds of friendships that tend to last longer. Here in this post you will learn about an excellent app called PersonalityMatch that can help you find a friend or partner by matching your personality. This free app allows you to conduct a personality test and then match the results with a friend or partner’s personality test.
Let’s learn about the main features and functions of this unique app.

Main Features


PersonalityMatch is available for both iOS and Android users. The developers call it as an app that helps its users improve their relationships. Its key features include the following:

  • Unique Personality Test: There are 30 questions that you need to answer in the personality test. Once you complete the Q&As, its algorithm will develop your profile.
  • Match Personality: Once you have completed the personality test, you can compare your personality with your partner or friends. It will also provide you info about the strengths and weaknesses in your friend’s personality.
  • Check Compatibility Score: PersonalityMatch’s algorithm will compare your results and your friend’s results and provide a compatibility score. This score is calibrated on a 0% to 100% scale.
  • Improve Relationships: This app will help you understand your friend/partner’s desires and help you connect better.



In fact, its algorithm is so powerful it can also provide you personalized recommendations on how you can improve your relationship. If you are having trouble with a relationship and want to improve things, PersonalityMatch can be a great help in the process.

How Does PersonalityMatch Work?


Now that you know what PersonalityMatch can do for you, it is worth learning how it works. Run a personality test on your profile and then invite your friends, partners and others to run the test. PersonalityMatch will compare your personality test results with those of others and show a compatibility score. It shows the things in which you can get along. It also shows potential points of conflict and suggests their resolution too.

The different steps are as following:

  • Start by signing-up for an account with PersonalityMatch. You can sign-up using your email address or even with your Facebook account.
  • Check the ‘personality’ option to see what the app has to say about your personality type. But you will have to run a personality test to have this section updated with your info.
  • The test comprises of 30 multi-choice questions.
  • Once you answer all the questions, the result will appear in a screen.
  • From here you can invite your friends/partner so that they can also run the test. If they have already completed their test, PersonalityMatch’s algorithm will compare your results with your friends for compatibility.
  • There are many options available within your account including settings and refresh.
  • Open settings to make a wide range of changes. you can change you profile name, photo or password. The notification settings can also be updated from within settings.



Powerful Algorithm


PersonalityMatch’s algorithm goes beyond just comparing two data sets. It is also capable of creating potential situations related to conflicts and points of common areas. Besides, it will further provide you tips on how you can improve a relationship and how you can address any potential conflicts. It has categorized more than a dozen types of personalities.

It provides custom advice on your relationship. It is worth mentioning that these tips and recommendations have been developed based on the psychological tests developed by world’s leading psychologists including Carl Jung, Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs.


There are many dating and related apps out there that match profiles based on their algorithm. PersonalityMatch takes things further. It can not only compare profiles and find areas of common interests, it can also make personalized suggestions. This app can point out the potential areas of conflict and also provide inputs on what you should do to eliminate those conflicts. It will also provide you tips on what you can do to improve your relationship with a friend, partner or colleague.
PersonalityMatch does exactly what its name says. It is a simple and easy-to-use app that helps you improve your relationships. If you want to improve any relationship, get them to sign-up and get recommendations from this app on how to go about it.

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