Why I’m not using Facebook’s messenger app

 When a serious company do one thing it will be a customers hate thing and persists, despite their anger there should be a heavy business reason for it. Facebook’s reasons for breaking out messages from its main app and creating it obligatory for users United Nations agency need to exchange messages area unit largely solid, although that does not build ME any less reluctant to travel at the side of the move. Along with different Facebook users, www.facebook.com login I recently started receiving notifications that i might got to transfer the company’s separate traveller app to stay commercialism messages with friends. It is a gradual roll out, therefore I had the advantage of different users’ expertise. 


Facebook is gambling the protests can subside. Daily routine disruptions don’t build folks angry for long: they have a tendency to adapt to new routines quickly. And tens of thousands of actively sad users — mad enough to send those one-star ratings — area unit nothing to the social network with its user base approaching in size the population of China.
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Why, though, did Facebook feel it had to interrupt out Messenger? “Because it could” is Associate in Nursing inadequate answer.


The time users pay with the Facebook app is stagnating or slowly decreasing. in step with the analysis firm Flurry Analytics, in 2013, Smartphone users spent eighteen p.c of their total usage time on Facebook. This year, it’s seven teen p.c. Facebook must fight for its time share: Its slice of the ad revenue pie is proportionate with it. At constant time, Facebook is aware that the younger audience perceives it as their parents’ network. a method to fight that perception is to offer young users a separate electronic communication app, which does not force them into contact with the older generation however lets them simply confine bit.


Facebook, wherever he can run the electronic communication arm of the corporate. The problem with extraordinary electronic communication is that, compared to old-style text electronic communication via wireless, that it’s quickly replacement, it barely makes any cash. in step with Deloitte, traveller apps carry fifty billion messages every day this year, whereas mobile operators solely deliver twenty one billion text messages every day, however the operators’ SMS revenue can quantity to $100 billion, compared with $2 billion for all the apps combined. Facebook still has got to total however it’s progressing to use its growing market share advantage.
  As for me, I sidestepped the app split by obtaining eliminate all Facebook apps and victimisation the social network’s mobile browser version. it’s constant practicality and is simpler on the battery

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