Mimbo Pro, The Day After Reviews and Thoughts

Mimbo Pro, The Day After

Just wanted to thank everyone for the nice reviews on Mimbo Pro so far, and also for their patience today.



As mentioned before, Plimus, which manages the secure transactions and affiliate stuff, takes a fairly proactive stance toward fraud and spam. As a result, they hand-process the first batch of orders to ensure all transactions are legitimate. This practice is using by many services, including Primetimeessay writing service. If the delays cause any serious problems for folks, we will always keep our options open. But I appreciate everyone trusting that Ben and I are staying on top of all orders and most any technical issue with the theme, should they arise.

More info, via SpamButcher:

However, my experience with Plimus so far has been really quite good. I’ve been with them for about two months now – and I feel I have enough experience with them to write an initial review.
They manually verify the first half-dozen or so orders for new accounts via phone. While this causes delays in order processing for a short period, it is understandable considering they don’t hold your funds for 60 days.
If you’re a shareware author Plimus is definitely worth considering for your ecommerce needs.
While the manual verification is characterized as a negative, it’s temporary, and it’s a testament to Plimus’ guarding against fraud and hiring actual human beings to handle all manner of support. Like with everything, there are pros and cons, but I want everyone to be in the loop (including me!) on how things are proceeding.


I’ve gotten some great emails from readers in 5-6 different countries who’ve offered to translate the theme. We are definitely interested in that, and once a bit of the initial launch stuff dies down, I’ll be getting in touch.


Lastly, I’m going to post a more comprehensive tutorial this weekend on how to associate an image with a post in Mimbo Pro. It’s fairly straight-forward if you’re accustomed to using Custom Fields, but if you’re just starting out, you may be interested in some more extensive tutorials, in addition to the video demo. Warning: stuffy nose and fading Southern accent are also featured in the narration.


After two launches in two days, I’m going to make a stiff drink, play some guitar and possibly stare at the wall for awhile (but I’ll be back on email and forums tomorrow morning…)

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