Is Mobile Gaming Better Than PC Gaming?

Is Mobile Gaming Better Than PC

Years ago, the serious contenders in the gaming industry used to only be PC and consoles. Now it seems that mobile gaming is taking a slice of that pie and seems to be growing more and more as it becomes more popular. Things are adapting to the times as technology becomes more accessible to everyone.

During the earlier days of PC-versus-console rivalry, many gamers were divided, opting for either because of each platform’s advantages and special features. With mobile coming into the mix, it isn’t as clear how many people are clearly rooting for any of the three or a combination of the two. Desktop computers were considered to be the gear for serious gamers, and it is still highly considered as one now since the rise of esports competitions.


This doesn’t mean, however, that console and mobile gaming are out of the park because they have their own niche innovations that PCs can never hope to achieve. For one, mobile and consoles can both be carried anywhere especially with the introduction of the Nintendo Switch, a part of which can be pulled out as a standalone handheld device.

Portability seems to be always the issue with PCs, but then gaming laptops exist. As for console versus mobile, that seems another debate on its own, but for now, it’s time to compare mobile versus PC gaming.

The Case for Mobile Gaming

The mobile game industry is fairly new as it started only a decade ago, as compared to the established PC and console market. Mobile phones were developing during that time, and the features back then were concentrated on portability, camera, and other convenient apps. The games during that time were only seen as bonuses or something you can playfully pass time with.

Then the free-to-play concept started an avalanche that shaped the mobile industry. There was a sudden demand for mobile game developers as the industry carved its own place with consumers looking for more options. It’s been fairly successful with games still being a popular pastime for casual gamers who want something fun to do without bringing anything special, so the convenience of smarter phones cemented itself as a necessity rather than a luxury.

Games with free-to-play schemes and in-app purchases continue to innovate to this day, and with the introduction of AR gaming and better mobile technology, they are projected to reach new heights.

With newer phones coming up, older phones get cheaper, but they are still good enough to play mobile games. It is good for the industry, because it widens patronage and games are so user-friendly that even the most casual gamer can understand game concepts at their own pace.

According to a certain survey, mobile gaming is more popular than PC and console combined, and the revenue being generated is still climbing. This is because not everyone can afford to own a PC or console or even have the time to play with it.

The PC and console industry has taken notice and is taking steps to integrate into the booming trend to stay afloat. That is why popular games like PUBG, Fortnite, and many others that were once exclusive to these platforms now have mobile versions to appeal to a wider mass. The creators understand that mobile gamers always have their phone with them, a fact they use to their advantage.

Is PC Gaming Still Master Race?

When it comes to having the best graphics and processing speed, desktop computers have always had this edge. Tech giants and pioneers certainly wasted no time developing PC components so it can reach new heights. You can count on this platform to be able to provide the best performance based on graphics abilities.

This is not to say that mobile or console games don’t have capable graphics and processing speeds. In fact, both are catching up alarmingly fast, and when they do, it will once again shape the future of the gaming industry.

In the world of esports gaming, which is quickly rivaling the traditional sports, like basketball, football, and others, PCs are the dominant platform. Pro gamers rely on a solidly built rig to match their performance in LAN matches. Additionally, it also adds credence to the importance of high-performing desktop PCs, peripherals, and accessories, especially in the pro scene, where communication and being able to keep up are big parts of the play.

Another reason people still opt for PC because of the new 4K technology that provides for the demand for a more immersive and vivid gaming experience. Unlike users of mobile smartphones and consoles, PC gamers have the ability to build their own computers. They have the freedom to choose which parts to get and assemble all according to their budget, needs, and preferences.

This is something that the other two lack, and while it isn’t a big deal for casual games, it makes a whole lot of difference to graphically demanding games and those with special requirements.

Bottom Line: Which Is Better?

The not so surprising answer is this: it’s up to you. Everyone uses devices and gadgets for different reasons, and no one’s opinion can change what you prefer.

If you’re someone who gets bored easily, playing games on mobile is a fun way to entertain yourself, and it’s quick to learn. Plus, you don’t have any obligation to finish it unless you want to since they’re only casual games. Once you’re reasonably entertained, you can quit playing the mobile game anytime you want to.

PC games are a different story. They cater to gamers who have certain expectations in many fields, like lore, battle system, graphics, and more. Gamers dish out serious cash to play the latest AAA games or have graphically excellent gameplay and many more.

Unless they get gaming laptops, they completely understand that desktop games can only be played on their rig with time allotted especially for it. This is a clear contrast with casual games, for which you don’t have to commit to anything since there is nothing to progress except for levels and in-game currency.

You are free to choose either of the two and even console gaming. There is no rule as to what you consider enjoyable because you play for yourself and not others

Do you think mobile gaming is better than when you play games on an actual desktop? State your opinion and defense in the comments.

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