Best iPhone Launchers For Android

iPhone Launchers For Android

Android and iOS give tough competition to each other are famous for there head to head competition. iOS are best for there excellence in the staggering UI and stability. Android kitkat are experts in the vast apps choices and customization. Android provides huge customization options that allows the user to switch interfaces seamlessly. You can also install astonishing custom ROMS to change the complete OS skin. Isn’t it cool when you are about to get amazing features of iOS and Android together. You can get iOS icons, user interface and transitional in Androids with iPhone launcher on Androids. Below are 3 top and best iPhone launcher for Android.


1. Espier Launcher

Espier is one among the top and best iPhone launcher in the Android market. It is the home screen replacement app it facilitates smoothness in smartphone and also amazing features like lag-free is provided .It is an mix of the old-traditional iOS style with new trendy one, which makes it super joyous and best launcher while using like iphone launcher on android crush. Best part is that there is no restriction in the widget, you can have even up to eight. But you need to careful since it can make your Android smartphone slower.It provides 2 styles one is i6 and the other is i7. i7 is wonderful with many additional features. You will have a feel of using real iPhone UI without any disturbance. Along with it , it provides powerful customization of icon size and layout which allows you to change the smartphone look easily and quickly. The upgraded design allows you to redesign your app drawer and you also can make adjustments.




It provides huge customization options and also user interface like Apple iOS. It allows you to list app on your home screen itself similar to that of iPhone. You can easily switch back if you don’t find it to be appealing. If you don’t like this also you can always download and install from the play store. The Google Now integration provides more options like transition effects, gestures It functions like Siri For Android 4.4 which is a huge benefit. The unread badge count is an appealing feature of iOS, but you can only get it in the premium version which provides few more gestures, transition effects for you to use. It provides eye catching features like tender animations and smooth scrolling, you can do all these without any lag.

3. Launcher For iPhone 7

Launcher For iPhone 7 is the best and preferred iOS launcher for Android that allows you to get the iPhone lock seen on your device. It has a disadvantage that the lock screen will only get activated when the device is unlocked. Apart from the swift UI, you can get the job done without doing any tedious customization options. You will be annoyed with few ads and sponsored posts.

Hope you have got the best launchers for android, all these are basically for the iphone like appvn ios but are now applicable to the android smartphones.

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