iMessage for Android: Best Ways to Get iMessage on Android

Imessage for Android: Today we are going to learn one of the interesting app none other than imessage. At first, imessage usually available for iOS. But later on, a firm introduced wemessage app for all the people who loved the cool features of imessage. So the people who like to put a hands-on imessage for android app never get disappointed. Wemessage gives you the same experience and helps to reach all your belongings in a less period. Essentially, weserver companion app for macOS is what processes and relays all the initial chat to the Android.

Moreover, there are some privacy concerns here. It means usually you will get worried when you send and receive messages through the third-party service. But imessage on android always says as it uses AES cryptography. All the messages are briefly uploaded to the Google’s firebase platform in order to enable notifications on Android. The imessage android works with the help of Apple developer tools that allow all it’s accessibility features. All it does performing message sending action and zero reverse engineering is applied to this app.

imessage on android

Well, now let me tell you who introduced such an amazingly cool app for Android users. A 16-year-old developer introduced this into all over the market. Moreover, to get this, all the thing you need is an Android mobile and Mac system. The way it works and performs an action is pretty simple. Below I am going to explain how exactly it works and steps to get the app in a clear and better understandable format. Let us start working on it you get the android imessage app on our mobile right now. Here we go with how to get imessage on Android.


Features of Wemessage App Supported by Android

Even though, we have an outstanding or cool feature of imessage to android. Similar to this, wemessage have come up with certain features. So here is the Outlook. Have a look and get some idea related to sending imessage from Android.

  • For the beginners, you will have an option to tap on the + button in order to add media and messages.
  • All your screenshots and pictures appear as a default. If you tap on the camera icon, allows you to take new picture successfully.
  • If you like to send a voice message, can record it well simply by tapping on voice.

imessage for android

  • Has another specific option by tapping on “i”, you get all the information related to contact.


  • You can turn on Do Not Disturb mode if required or also can block them by clicking on edit. As it allows to change contact name and picture.


How to Use iMessage on Android

Wemessage does not depend on any code to get successful run of imessage on Android. As I said before, sets up a server on the Mac especially to send and receive all your messages. This simply direct and forward as it is to your Android mobile with no doubt. As such wemessage covers all the cool features. Like handling all the one to one conversation and supporting it’s read recipients very well. So now we go with all the installation steps one by one very well.

While all the programs like this have come into the market at regular intervals. But all those have taken down relatively quick due to some copyright issues. The wemessage app, developed by Roman Scott has been worked around a month on it and came with new and outstanding features. Also, it got updated with all it’s new or cool features like giving an SMS support where you can use as the default messaging app on your Android. So simply go through the below instructions and install it successfully.

How to Install iMessage for Android in Simple Steps

As I said before, to get wemessage, you need to install Java SEĀ  development kit installed on your Mac. Never think as it is not the complicated steps. Follow the below instructions which I provide below in clear and better understandable format.

Step1: Install JDK on your Mac

Usually, without having Java, we cannot run this application on Android. It is better to install, if not also not a problem. You can check by following the below points.

imessage android

  • Open the terminal.
  • There you have to type Java for checking whether it is available in our system.
  • For instance, if you get an error or couldn’t find the software programme, go and install right now from Oracle.
  • Accept all the terms and conditions and then click on DMG file for getting macos latest version successfully.
  • Wait for several minutes and extract all the files very well.

Step2: Give Terminal Accessibility Permissions

As weserver application runs inside the terminal, you need to provide all its terminal rights to make it run successfully on your system.

imessage for android download

  • Open system preferences-> security and privacy-> privacy tab-> accessibility available in the side menu bar.
  • Therefore, the terminal is listed and checked very well.
  • Just simply click on the lock icon available at the bottom of the page and enter the password whenever it arises.
  • Tap on + sign-> find terminal in the applications-> utilities.
  • Click on open and cross-check all the listed options.

Step3: Install Weserver on your Mac

  • In order to get the app, first and foremost, download weserver that helps to do send and receive all your messages successfully.

android imessage

  • Now choose download for macos to grab the latest and new version.
  • Once the whole download gets complete, extract the zip file and double click on run at the weserver folder in order to start the whole program.
  • Depending on security issues, you might get the file cannot open. So adjust all your security options with no second thought.


  • Once you open the run command, weserver will open successfully as it works through very well.

Step4: Set up your iMessage Account with Weserver

Once the weserver get opened successfully, it asks you to enter both email and password of your iMessage. Make a note the email you enter must and should be same that you for imessage. But there is no restriction for setting your password.

imessage for android app download

It can be anything. Create a new password and save it well. So after you provide both the email and password, weserver starts successfully.

Step5: Installation process of wemessage on your Android Phone.

how to get imessage on android

So are you ready to install wemessage on your Android? In order to get, go to the play store, search for wemessage and click on it for a successful installation. After doing so, when you open, it asks you to enter the IP address of the weserver respectively. It might be private or public IP address.

Step6: Find your Mac IP Address

Before checking the IP address, it doesn’t matter you ate at home or working on some other network. You need to have a strong internet connection. You can use public IP address so that in that case, you don’t have to be connected to the local area network.

Step7: Log into weMessage on your Android

Whatever you choose either it may be a private or public IP address, enter your wemessage app on the Android including your iMessage email address and weserver password, click on it very well. After performing all this, it is successfully connected.

Step8: Sync iMessage contacts with wemessage

Well, while going to start with the app, it is best to sync all your imessage contacts with the wemessage app very well. To do so, you have to provide terminal access to your contacts. Doing so, you can send imessage contacts to the wemessage app. Go to Settings-> sync contacts and then start the process.

Step9: Start Accessing your Messaging App

  • Well, now you are ready to start all your messaging app.
  • Begin your new conversation by tapping on + button on its homepage.
  • Click next to contact or you can start typing where it says to enter a message.
  • In order to have a group chat, click on multiple circles or selecting more than one before typing.
  • That’s all!!!!

Step10: Make sure your Weserver is ON before Accessing

To make weserver run properly, you need to access the strong internet connection. In case if your mac does not work or respond when you send and receive messages, simply use caffeinate command on the terminal. This is to keep it awake always till you deactivate it without a second thought.

Final Words

I hope you are clear of all the steps provided here for imessage for android. Therefore, if you have any doubts, simply drop a comment on the below section. So that we reach you in short. Also, like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Be in touch to learn more interesting tutorials.

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