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WiFi Hotspot Software

What is a WiFi hotspot? many of us have this question in our mind right, yup actually hotspot is a location where the internet access takes place with a wireless local area network- WLAN using a router with a link. Hotspots generally uses the wifi technology, these hotspots are most probably used in the public places to attract the customers like in kfc, coffee shops, etc. We can also create such type of hotspots in our home to share internet for mobiles and tablets. In most of the homes we have many smartphones and pc’s, but  we have only a single internet connection with this we cant’s access all our devices if we need to do so we must recharge them with an extra pay, to escape from this kind of money wasting we can create a wifi hotspot in our laptop and access all our devices with it. So let us discuss how to make wifi hotspot. 

The best free wifi hotspot software is the Connectify. With this software of connectify we can make a wifi hotspot. Check out some features of wifi hotspot PC.

Features of Connectify Hotspot – PC WiFi hotspot

—–>Unlimited internet share with full speed, with in the range of your wifi network.
—–>Share your files easily with the network connection. 
Multiple games can be played with your systems using this connectify.
—–>Protection on this sotware is high, you can have a secret password for this hotspot.
—–>Connectify is provided with a free trail version we can use with that, if you have more interest on this you can buy it for 25$ for a year and 40$ for full license.
—–>Installed connectify software provides you 100m range of WiFi network to your devices.

Download WiFi Hotspot

—–>First download the connectify software for free to your pc or laptop to make pc wifi hotspot. Click here 

—–>Now you will be redirected to the official site where you can have a trial verison or full version. For trial version click on Trail and download.
—–>After downloading double click on the Exe file and install the software to your pc/laptop. You can see a window indiacting installation is successful, then click on Finish Button.
—–>Once the installation is completed Restart your PC and check for the connectify me software.
—–>Now open the software so that you will see an  dialogue box like this. 

—–>Click on Settings, type your Hotspot name and password. Create a secret password and if you dont want to share your password then click on dont show.
—–>If you want to see who are using your hotspot then click on clients, the users who are using your wifi will be displayed their.
—–>Thats it you have completed your wifi hotspot download, this is a trial of connectify.
Hope that now you got how to make laptop as wifi hotspot, if you have any queries regarding make wifi hotspot share with us using comment box, feel free to share!!!!!!…..

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