How to Create a New Blog and New post

How to create a free blog

Blog is a part where you can share any thing you like and if you post the decent blogs, you can even earn through the blog, its the part where you have a decent income. There are many blogging platforms among them is a one which is available for free, in this there is no requirement of keeping the money on the blog. You can try the different versions on a blog and learn many more things from this. This blogger has many more limitations on this and starting on this is a great idea, the simple thing you need to do is to sign up for the account. Lets the guide for making a new blog. 


Steps to create a free blog

—–>First go to blogger site, for this you need to type on your tool bar and it will show you with a login id, sign up for this blogger account and you can even sign in through your gmail account also.
—–>Once your registration is completed sign in to the account and there you can see the New blog option, click on the new blog and there you will see the blog list, select your own blog name.
—–>Type the name title and enter the address like say gudtechtrickzz and address as and now check whether the blog address is available or not. After this select the template of your interest and click on create blog


—–>Now your blog has been created and it will be shown on your blogger dashboard, now click on your blog and it will show the overview of your blog. 
—–>Now to post any thing on your blog, click on new post in the overview, you will see a new window now, in this type the Post name say suppose Android and type the post which you want to present. 


—–>In this post use the different headings, say suppose if your are writing on any smartphones, use the smartphone as heading and features for sub heading in that camera as minor heading and mention its details. 
—–>Once you complete writing your post, see the post settings there, give the Labels like for  smartphones as mobiles gadgets etc and permalink for your post, its the shortcut to show your post title, give a good permalink. 

—–>Check for all the errors and images on your post and then click on publish to post to your blog.
—–>You can check how many have visited to your site by clicking the stats in blogger dashboard. you can see how many have visited for today, this month and all time. 
—–>Further if you want to change any thing on you blog you need visit the layout, there you can adjust the settings of your blog.
Hope that now you got how to create a blog and post on the blog. All these are for the new bloggers who want to present any thing on their own for free. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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