How to Clear Cache in Chrome – Step By Step Guide


How to clear browser cache chrome

Thats a great thing if you know how to clear cache in chrome in a second. Google chrome simply saves all the data surfing by us on the internet. This will be positive as it increases the speed, when we visit a page and again we try to visit the same page then it loads faster. some of the users don’t want to save all the data and they requires to clear chrome cache. So for them we are providing some methods to let them know how to clear cache in chrome.

Follow the steps below for clearing cache on chrome. You can select any of the methods below in order to clear the cache on chrome. If you are using windows 10 unmountable boot volume fix the issue.

how to clear cache in chrome

Steps For How to Clear Cache in Chrome

  • First open the google chrome and them check for the Menu which will be on the top right corner.
  • Go to More Tools and select Clear Browsing Data option. 
  • Here a new window opens and you can see the basic and advanced options to clear browsing data.
  • You can select a time on the top in order to clear only some particular history.
  • Click on the beginning of time option.
  • You need to select the options in order to clear browsing history or download history.
  • Tick on the box to select and clear the required things.
  • If you want to clear every thing then tick on all boxes and select ” the beginning of time “
  • Finally click on the Clear Browsing Data.

Method 2: How to clear browser cache chrome

You can also clear browser cache chrome directly, for that see the steps below for how to clear cache chrome.
  • Open the Google chrome browser on your device.
  • Go to settings in chrome.
  • You can see the options, in that select history.
  • Click on history.
  • A window opens, in the left side you can see, some options.
  • Click on Clear Browsing Data.
  • Select options as per your requirement and click on Clear Data.
Thats it you can now clear cache google chrome without any issue, in case if you want to clear cache without losing passwords chrome then you should not tick on passwords option before clearing the data.
Finally with this guide you will know how to clear cache in chrome without deleting passwords, or clearing according to time and with many options, if you further have any queries regarding this article simply comment us we will respond soon.

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