How to Cancel Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus

Like many other applications, under the premium subscriptions tinder offers you the gold as well as the Tinder Plus packages. So, with these packages, you can stand out in the tinder platform and will offer you several premium features. So, in this article, we will provide you the steps on how to cancel tinder gold for the Android, iOS, or Web that you may want to cancel the account for various reasons.

What is Tinder? Tinder is the American online dating platform and the geosocial network that allows users to can swipe anonymously swipe their profile to like or even dislikes one’s profiles depending on their photos, bio, and even based on their common interests.

how to cancel tinder gold

Moreover, you can chat on the tinder app, once you have a similar person like you. But if you have found your soul or need some break then you can cancel your account., but if you don’t know how to cancel tinder gold as you no longer need then there no need to pay a subscription. To cancel your subscription follow the keep continue reading this article on how to cancel tinder gold.


How to cancel tinder gold – 3 Ways

Tinder provides you the many of the features that help you to find your Soul mate.  Because of various reasons, you might want to cancel your Tinder subscription. Moreover, your auto-subscription won’t you’re paying for won’t get affected, even if you have deleted the app from your device as the tinder subscription is billed automatically until it is canceled which are automatic card payments according to the contract that you have picked.

how to cancel tinder subscription

So, on the different operating systems, we will show you what to do to get off the tinder gold. Then follow the given below steps for your relevant platforms and know how to cancel tinder gold.

On Android

You should have to use one of the two methods to subscribe on the android device, to cancel each of its own subscriptions. How to cancel tinder gold android follow the given below steps.

Through Google Play Store

  • Head to the Google Play Store, on your Android Device.
  • Now, select the Menu.
  • Then, head to the Subscriptions.

how to cancel tinder gold on computer

  • Next, browse your subscriptions and then find the Tinder Gold Option.
  • At last,  select the “Cancel Subscription”.

Through the Debit Card Subscription

  • Launch your Tinder app, on your Android device.
  • Head to your profile i.e., profile icon.
  • Now, locate the option “Manage Payment Account” and select it.
  • Then, select the “Cancel Subscription”.

On iOS

If you don’t know how to cancel tinder subscription on iOS, then follow the given below steps to do so.

  • On your iPhone device, head to the settings.
  • Select your name.
  • Now, click on the subscriptions option.

how do i cancel tinder gold

  • From there, browse the list of your subscriptions. From the list select “Tinder”.
  • Now, tap on the tinder subscription, that you would like to cancel.
  • At last, select the “Cancel Subscription”.

how to cancel tinder gold android

This is how you have to cancel the tinder subscription on your iOS operating system.

On Website

Though you use the Tinder app on your mobile phone, you have to actually Signup for the subscription through your computer or on any of the devices that you are using Tinder online. Do the following procedure, when you are logged in.

  • First, you have your profile icon.
  • Now, head to the “Manage Account”.

how to unsubscribe tinder gold android

  • Then, pick any one of the options “Cancel” or “Switch off the ‘Auto Renew’ feature”.

These are the three ways that you can delete your tinder account from your Android, iOS, and from Web browser.

What are Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus?

In the Tinder app, these two Tinder Gold and the Tinder Plus are the subscriptions that offer you the premium and the exclusive features. Where these features enable you to get more likes and also provides you the best matches on Tinder.

When you compared it with the free tinder account, it has more privileges. So, below given are the list of the Privileges of the Tinder account.

Unlimited Likes: You can able to visitors scroll as many profiles as you can with this premium feature.

Have a Passport to swipe all around the World: From anywhere around the world this feature will allow you to communicate with a single person.

Super Like: This super like will allows you to stay out of the crowd in the under app and let you receive more likes.

Boost: Around 30 minutes, the feature boost will make you the most popular profile in your area. Moreover, if you are th4e member of Tinder Gold or Tinder Plus, then it is free once a month.

Rewind the Last Swipe: With this feature, You can undo the last scroll that you made accidentally, and also it lets you check out the last profile that you visit.

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus

In the Tinder App, you may not only offer the Tinder Gold but also offers you the Tinder PLus and the Tinder Platinum that provides you its own feature. Whereas the Tinder platinum is not available as it is in the testing process.

tinder gold cancel subscription

Tinder Gold is the most popular subscription because of its top picks and sees who likes you. However these features are not available in Tinder Plus, so the Tinder plus costs a little less. So, to access those features you may go for the pricier subscription to manage your dating life more effectively.

How to Confirm Your Subscription is Cancelled?

You have to double-check if your subscription is canceled after the cancellation of your tinder subscription by following and checking the given below-mentioned steps. First, you have to make sure that you have to turn off the “Auto Renew” Feature and the tinder gold is no longer appears in the list of your subscriptions.

how to unsubscribe tinder gold apple

Now, you have to double-check your bank account and also make sure that none of your subscriptions fees is deducted during the month the next fee was billed. You may have to do the following, if you are billed again, depending on where you have requested your cancellation.

  • Through the Tinder Website, Submit the Support Request.
  • Contact the Apple Customer Care.
  • You can even reach out to Google Play support.

Fortunately, Tinder has provided youtube on various topics like what to do if you have to charge even if after you have canceled the Tinder subscription or if needed you can apply for a refund.


This article provided you the relatively easy process on how to cancel tinder gold, to get rid of the tinder account on your mobile device via., Apps or by heading to Tinder’s website. You have to aware to perform the cancellations by using the methods that you to subscribe. Stay tuned for GudTechTricks more updates.

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