How to Cancel Avast 60 Day Trial {2021 Guide}

how to cancel avast 60 day trial? Many users would like to cancel their Avast free trial but many of them don’t know how to cancel the Avast Free trial, while there are lots of people who would like to decide on the different anti-virus or the alternative program or don’t feel the necessity of continue using the premium, desire their subscriptions avast turns away the auto-renewal.

Avast doesn’t hint you, that you have got an auto-renewal policy allowed, Thus, without any intimation to the renewal sum, making them charge. It later creates the Avast Billing issues, which its payment and installation where avast indicates the little check box using the term such as renewal automatic and typical. We don’t notice it while utilizing the anti-virus installer.

how to cancel avast 60 day trial

In the article, we will guide you on how to cancel the Auto-renewal in the avast, There are different ways by which you can cancel the Avast Auto-renewal subscription. Try the below-given troubleshooting methods on how to Cancel Avast 60 Day Trial.


How to Cancel Avast 60 Day Free Trial?

In this, we guide we will discuss how to cancel avast cleanup 60 day trial Auto-renewal. let us follow the below-given Cancellation methods, follow the below steps for how to cancel avast 60 day trial.

Cancellation Methods

There are three different ways to cancel the how to cancel avast cleanup 60 day trial.

  • Method One: Through Avast Customer Portal
  • Method Two: Through the Avast Account
  • Method Three: Through the Nexway

Through the Avast Customer Portal

If you would like to cancel the how to cancel avast cleanup 60 day trial, the first option you need to choose is canceled is from your Avast Customer Portal.


  • The first thing you need to do is visit the Avast Customer Portal from the given link:
  • In the provided space you have to enter your Order ID and the password. enter and click “Find order”. Then from the approval email id, you find the order ID and the password. If you are unable to find this email id. Check on the Forgot your order ID.
  • On the subscription page, you can click on the unsubscribe against the subscription plan you have chosen.
  • Before entering the confirm, Choose the option “Unsubscribe” from future renewals and give your subscription expiry date. Then you can close the Subscription option Successfully.

Cancellation via, Avast Account

BY heading to the Avast Account, you can cancel the how to cancel avast 60 day free trial. It is the second method of cancellation of the Avast trial account. Follow the below-given steps to know how to cancel avast 60 day trial.

  • Through the below-given link, you need to visit the Avast account and sign in to it. convenience.
  • Besides the subscription option that you have selected, you can click on the Unsubscribe and then select from the option.

how to cancel avast 60 day free trial

  • From the future renewals, you can choose the option and let my subscription expires on DD/MM/YYYY.
  • You have successfully, Unsubscribe to your choice of avast 60-day trial by clicking on the Confirm.
  • On the pop-up window, you can click on the “Got It” button. Then the process will be finished.

Cancellation Through the Nexway

If you would like to Cancellation of how to cancel avast 60 day trial no account, make sure that you shouldn’t the important mails from the Nexway. To cancel the account from the Nexway follow the steps given below.

how to cancel avast cleanup 60 day trial

  • Head to Gmail and check the mails of Nexway, and open the mail that announcing your subscription to order. And you will be given a link, which cancels your order from the continuous subscription.
  • You shall be taken away from the Nexway portal, depending upon the location that you are.
  • You will be able to view the login option, where you have to give your email address, which you have used at the time of subscription. And also the password that you have received with mail confirming the order.
  • You will be seen several subscription options given on the page, once you have logged in. Then Find the option that says, “Change the Auto-renewal Settings”.
  • This will navigate you to the other bills and payment details page, down below under the renewal you will see the option”Disabled”.
  • You can click on the Disable Automatic renewal option, to cancel your subscription.
  • In the final step, you will receive a confirming mail saying you the cancellation of your subscription.

Free Trial Strategies

Limited trails and limited features are one of the two ways, designs of free trails. In the limited trails, you will be offered the full product or service as the promo but for a short period of time. This includes a trial of 30-days or two weeks. In the Limited features, you’ve offered the limited features as a promo with hopes that they depended on and agree to upgrade to the full version of the product or service.

Factors to be Considered while Offering a Trail

When you availing of the free trial of the product or the services. Then these things you should be remembered. Those are listed below.

  •  How long will it offers for the customers to see all the benefits of the product and services?
  • How you can support economically the free trial.
  • Do the basic features of the product or service are enough for the customer to know if it works for them.
  • What effect will the trail length have on the scale?
  • Does it offer a fairly standard free trial period?
  • Before you are trying a free trial, make sure that it should automatically end up the trial and should ask you for the Payment of the Pro version or purchasing options.
  • Make sure that the offers don’t cost you so high.
  • If they offer challenges you the profit, then offer those products to the customer, which you think is loyal and reliable for long-lasting.

Advantages of the Free Trial

  • It creates an impression that it trusts worthy.
  • It also provides an opportunity where the users can compare your product and services to the other products.
  • Most of the users utilize the trail to know the benefits of them and get the most out of them, which will create a routine in their minds and make your products essentially useful for them.
  • As the most, the people are interested to test the products and services by spending the money on them. So, from the free trails, the customers are accustomed to the new technologies and products.


As you avast is the best software that prevents you from malware and suspicious threats. If you’re not much interested in the pro version, then you can stop the how to cancel avast 60 day trial by following the above-discussed steps. Hope you find this article helpful visit our GudTechTricks for more methods. If you have any doubts text us in the comment section and stay tuned for more updates.

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