Hide ALL IP: Best Tool to Hide Your IP Address

Hide ALL IP: Best Tool to Hide Your IP Address, Get Total Control Over Your Online Experience, Torrent Safely & Encrypt Your Data!

The internet is without doubt the biggest innovation in IT technology, but it comes with its challenges, and good and bad things. You may browse the web for any reason, there are people and companies with different intentions who are always looking to steal or use your information. even your identity can be a valuable information for someone. There are many reasons why you would want to hide your IP address when using the web. The simplest and the most effective way to protect your identity, information, and data is to use Hide ALL IP, which is simply the best software to achieve all this.

Reasons for Hiding Your IP

Here are the most important reasons why you would want to hide your IP address when browsing online:
  • Access to streaming without any worry of blocking in your country or by any website.
  • Browse sites without ever letting anyone identify you.
  • Protect yourself from snooper and hackers looking for your information.
  • Protect yourself even when you are using WiFi.
  • Access sites which are barred in your geographical location.
  • Bypass your school or workplace’s limitations.
  • Hide your activities from your ISP.
  • Keep all your ‘private’ searches genuinely private. Those so called private sessions by your browser don’t provide any protection.
  • Live in a world of internet freedom.

What Can Hide ALL IP Do?

Hide ALL IP does much more than just hides your IP address and creates proxy addresses automatically. It can also give you torrent safety feature. No one will ever be able to trace up to you. Another big advantage that makes it unique is that it encrypts all the data transmitted. So you don’t have to worry that someone can learn about your data even if they access the data transferred.

Main Features:

The main features of Hide ALL IP are as following;
  • Change Your IP Address – Only your proxy IP address will be visible to the internet, not your real IP address.
  • Change Location – Hide ALL IP’s worldwide servers allow you to show that you are from the desired country. If you are in the UK, you can browse the internet by showing that you are from the US.
  • Encrypt Your Data – Hide ALL IP encrypts all your data transfer using the technology used by government agencies. Not only can no one access your data, but even if they do, they will not be able to know what it is.
  • Access Internet TV – Most Internet TV providers will block users based on their locations. Why get blocked when you can watch all your favorite shows without any restrictions.
  • Remote DNS Lookups – Hide ALL IP has advanced and secure remote DNS lookup technology. Avoid all DNS fake and trace.
You can play any game online or use any application. Hide ALL IP also supports:
  • Games
  • Video players
  • Instant messengers
  • All browsers
There are many more advanced features that that will leave you baffled how powerful an IP address hider and online security tool this is.

How Does Hide ALL IP Work?

Anyone with a Windows system from XP to later versions can use Hide ALL IP. There are 2 versions of the software:
  • Setup Version, which is just 4.1 MB in size.
  • Portable Version, which is 5.3 MB in size and can be carried around in a flash drive and used on different devices.

Using the Software:

Once you have installed the software, which takes just seconds, you can use it using the following steps. The company has also provided a full tutorial to make it easy for everyone.

Connect to a Server:

When you launch the software, it will connect to the Hide All Server and get all active IP addresses that can be used by you. This list can be sorted by IP, location or even signal strength.

Select the App or Game to Tunnel:

You will see the safe browser shortcuts so that you can use it. You can launch your application and Hide ALL IP will transfer network data through the tunnel.
The software also has a mode that allows you to hide your current browser’s processes and any current application processes.

Automatically Change IP addresses:

You can also get Hide ALL IP to change your IP address every few minutes or hour. It can also be changed based on the country you want.
Monitor & Logs
Monitor the applications, remote DNS lookup record, data and logs to remain on top of your online traffic.
Download the Hide All IP from this site: http://techcloud.in/hide-all-ip-review/


Using Hide ALL IP is simple. The interface allows you to make changes as per your needs. It is the best IP address hiding tool you can find out there. It does much more than just hiding your IP address. It can also protect your identity and data. At a price tag of just $29 for a year, it is a cost-effective solution that offers much more than competitor programs.

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