5 Ways to generate web traffic with out Google


Search Engine Optimization is the best way to generate the traffic to a site. If you have positioned in Google then it will only bring the authority to your site, you just need to update good content then Google will only give you traffic. But problem arises in case if your site is new or your site does not rank even though you are writing good articles. If this is your opinion, here are some of the ways to generate the traffic with out Google.  
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Comment on Blogs:



 For comment on Blogs check whether that site is having traffic, there you can give a comment which in turn can give you traffic. Don’t directly give links of your blog first read the article then give the comment about post.  If you are saying anything useful then mention your original name so that more than one person will click on your name to get more information. More over if your blog is not related to that content then give the home page URL. 

Comment on Forums:

In order to increase the traffic you need to increase your conversations related to your article. You can start a conversation in a forum or join in forum to bring the traffic instantly. You need to like the comments, respond to comments and should actively participate in the conversation and do not just give the link and drop that there itself. Choose the forums having high page rank sites. So that the traffic flows to your site.

Guest Blogging:

Try to write a guest post to the sites having high PR and if they permit give the link of your blog to that post. Writing relevant articles will improve your techniques so that you can capture more number of readers and probably you can convert those to your blog. Write appropriate content and do not copy paste the content from other sites, if you do so take the copy rights of that relevant site.

Yahoo Answers:


From Yahoo you can get expected traffic if you perfectly give a worthful answer. You can get the customers who don’t even have the enough knowledge to answer. Ensure that you don’t spam the question and give the perfect and reasonable answer to the person so that it really drives direct traffic to your blog. But most of the people spam these questions. Visit Yahoo and give answers that are really related to your blog and don’t give unnecessary answers.


Social Networking Sites:
After writing a post to give the publicity to a particular post, you can submit the URL link in social networking sites. 


Reddit: For perfect traffic find perfect subreddit with thousands of subscribers and post with relevant article. Follow all the subreddit rules.
You tube:You tube is second most search engine. Try to teach anything in terms of a video and upload the video, with this the number of page views increases.
Google +: In the google+ you can reach the users without following them. The thing which you need to do this is to submit your link in a community related to your blog so that members of the community can see it. Even more you can create a page in google+ and let the customers follow it.
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