Features & Benefits of A Card Collector

A card collector is widely used as part of parking lot access control management system. It is a magnetic card data collector that usually features RFID. Explore the key features and benefits of the different types of collectors.


Main Features of Card Collectors


  • The best card collectors are RIFD based card dispending and collecting systems
  • It supports RFID card read/write (Type A, B). It works with cards complying with the ISO standard.
  • It can collect cards from front and allows cards to be retracted or sent out
  • Some collectors also support IR scanning for single-dimension barcode read/write, including EAN code, 39 code, 93 code, 128 code, and UPC code.
  • The sensor control interface can be preserved for error card bin
  • The ideal collector futures TTL interface
  • Some units also support multi-unit communication
  • The best units are compact and robust in design
  • The ideal collectors work in a wider range of temperatures ranging from -30°C to 85°C
  • They can also be used in a wider humid conditions, ranging from 30% to 90%
  • The ideal unit will have a collection speed of 2 seconds
  • A highly versatile card collector can accept cards made of a variety of materials including polyester, paper, and mylars
  • Some designs allow RFID reading/writing devices to be retrofitted
  • The ideal collector is made of material that doesn’t interfere with the reading performance of the card
  • You can connected the collector to the loop detector signal for card collection
  • The successful receipt of the signal can be output
  • Communication through I/Of TTL and RS232
  • The best card collector will have highly reliable microprocessor based electronics
  • They feature industrial and robust design
  • They feature special low-consumption electronic circuits
  • Some collectors can also feature an alarm for fault or stoppage
  • They can feature collection by mistake
  • They feature a highly reliable motor

The best card collector systems are designed and made to the latest industrial standards. They are primarily designed for use in toll systems in car parking lots. They can also be used for access barriers system. Some systems have the option to quit and callback cards on an automatic basis.


A card collector can be used in a wide ranging of settings and for different applications, including the following:

  • Parking lot management system
  • Access control terminals
  • Automatic card vending machines
  • Card initialization
  • Highway charge
  • Attendance channel card collection
  • Park ticket vending system
  • Collecting cards and reserved installation position for RF reader
  • Stable and basic transmission structure
  • Multiple interface control
  • The right collector will have sensors to detect whether the card tank is full. Some sensors can also detect card position.

The best card collector will be convenient, simple and highly accurate when it comes to adjusting to different thicknesses of cards. Some collectors can have a reclaim card design at the back for easier management. A quality collector can be used in a wide range of environments – even when there is dust.

An ideal card collector is compact enough and does not take up lots of installation space. It is highly reliable and can last for years. You can choose a collector with a wide range of card collection capacities. Once the card tank gets filled, the sensors will automatically alert you. You can also find a collector that accepts multiple card sizes of different thicknesses and length. Such a unit can be highly versatile and prevent the need for multiple collectors.

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