Factors you need to Consider before Buying a Weather Station – The Ultimate Guide

Factors you need to Consider before Buying a Weather Station

The climate plays an important role in our daily lives. The rise of smartphones and weather applications had made it easier for the people to check their local weather and get proper reports about the conditions. But one of the biggest problems about these applications is that they might not be always correct. You may see the incorrect weather reports from the stations that are miles away from you. This is the reason why you should consider going with a home weather station. 



Weather Station Buying Guide

How to find the best home weather station for your house or office? Weather Station Advisor is one of the websites that can help you find some really awesome home weather stations at a budget price. But before you buy such product, it is necessary to go through certain factors that will help you to decide whether the weather station is a decent one or not.

Weather Station Type

There are two types of weather stations. The first type is a wired weather station while the other type is wireless weather station.

· Wired Weather Station: It is one of the oldest types of weather station that uses the wired instruments in order to send the information. It needs a lot of time and hard efforts for the installation as the wires need to be connected and placed properly.

· Wireless Weather Station: This is the modern type of weather stations that is created using the latest technology. It is very easy to install as fixing of the wires or any type of drilling is not required. This type of equipment uses modern sensors providing better results.

You can even avail the solar weather stations from the market and they will run on energy produced from the sun. Such equipment doesn’t require any external electricity. The solar energy stored inside the equipment can be used during the cloudy or rainy days when there is no sun. The wireless solar powered weather station can be the best choice.


One should always choose a weather sensor in which the equipments are pre-assembled and it is ready to mount. The weather station having detached sensors can be a bit messy during the installation. Go for the sensors that require less wiring during the installation process so that the device is easy to setup.

Distance from the Transmission

The distance of transmission is another important factor that must not be overlooked. The distance of transmission varies depending on its physical surroundings and the structures of the land as well. A number of weather stations offer wide range of the transmission distance and even come up with the wireless repeaters. One should always choose the weather station with maximum range of the transmission distance.

Types of Weather Conditions

Nearly, every weather station report the basic weather conditions like precipitation, humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, wind direction, yearly or daily rainfall, wind chill, and the wind speed. There are some advanced weather stations that can report additional weather conditions like:

  • The solar and UV radiation sensor can report the amount of radiation and help people take necessary action before moving out in the sun.
  • The additional rainfall and the wind speed reports where the wind speed and the rainfall are reported multiple times in a day.
  • The apparent temperature report helps to get the heat index which is calculated by combining the effects of temperature and humidity.

The additional sensors for recording the soil temperature, soil moisture, evaporation, wetness of leaf, and transpiration are also included in modern day weather stations.

Frequency of Update

It is really very important for the weather stations to update the weather conditions frequently. Most of the quality weather stations often update the variable weather conditions in every 2-3 seconds while the nom-variable conditions are also updated in every 10-15 seconds (sometimes 15-30 minutes). This is feasible. You must avoid the weather stations that have poor frequency of updating the details.

Highs & Lows Measurements

A number of weather stations display the current readings only, but a few modern-day weather stations can display the highs and lows measurements along with total readings of 25 to 30 days including the intricate details like year, months, date, and time. Some of them display the reports numerically, but some superior quality weather stations display the data graphically.


The weather station you choose must be used for both the high and low level of elevations. There are a few weather stations that are not compatible for the higher level of elevation as the transmission distance gets affected by the elevation and the accuracy of the reports can’t be trusted. So, you should choose a weather station that can support for high and low elevations without disturbing the accuracy of the reports.

Forecast Generation

A number of weather stations generate the reports on the basis of barometric pressure that makes the report not very close to the accurate results. An ideal weather station must be able to generate the reports on the basis of all weather conditions. In this way, the people will be able to get the accurate weather reports. These forecasts are not perfect, but yes you can say that they are close to the accuracy.


Cost is another important factor that might stop you from buying the most stunning weather station equipped with most of the features. Your choice depends on your budget. But, you should never compromise on the quality if you can get a better device by paying just little extra. Choose a weather station that is equipped with some of the most powerful features and falls in your budget.

The Final Say

Buying a weather station to be installed in your office building or home is a really daunting task. You may not be able to decide among the choices available in front of you. But, the above-mentioned guide will definitely help you to reach to a decision and buy the most ideal machine in your budget.

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