Encrypted Chat: What Messenger To Use?

Encrypted Chat: The most secure messenger should be able to ensure complete confidentiality of personal information during conversations, correspondence, and data transfer. Also, it should include the function of encrypted chat. There are several such messengers. Many of them have a video call function, as well as the ability to share photos and music. But the main criterion by which you want to choose a messenger from a wide variety of is the safety of information transmission.

Unfortunately, many people think about this factor in the last place and base their choice on anything. But it is not uncommon for personal information leaks and other incidents to occur. Therefore, you should not neglect the confidentiality of communication. For this, it is best to choose the most secure messenger in 2020, so that your conversations and photos do not get to outsiders.

Encrypted Chat


Top Messengers with Encrypted Chat!


Utopia is a closed decentralized system. It doesn’t store all user information on a single data warehouse. Instead, it uses peer-to-peer architecture and creates an individual server for each person. A specially generated personal key opens access to data. Also, it is the user’s nickname in the system.

utopia messenger

Users can use functions such as:

  • uMessenger has a private and encrypted chat function;
  • uMail is a file sharing service that transfers secret documents and files;
  • Idyll Browser – works on the principle of uNS technology.
  • uWallet is an electronic wallet that stores cryptons, the cryptocurrency of the ecosystem. Using them, users can pay for any purchases on the Internet.
  • MIning Bot – a built-in bot that allows you to charge cryptons for Internet sessions via a Utopia additionally.

For reliable protection of personal data, Utopia implements a sophisticated and multi-level encryption method based on the Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES.


Telegram is considered to be the most secure messenger in the world in 2020. It has a unique function of destroying messages, which can happen automatically if you set it to the desired time. Correspondence is protected by end-to-end encryption. It increases the security of communication in a secret chat, where messages are not saved on the server but remain only in the user’s media.



Skype has an end-to-end encryption system, just like other messengers from the list. For communication hidden under the cipher, you need to open contacts, select the desired user and click on “Start a personal conversation”. Both one and the other party must have the latest version installed. Until the end of the conversation, no one will be able to listen to the voice conversation or read the messages.


Encrypted chat and all information in it are only available from the device where the communication has been made. If you decide to login from another gadget, the conversation will start again, despite the fact that all information from the previous conversation will not be deleted – it will be saved on the first device. It’s less safe, but not as paranoid.


This messenger implements all security measures. The developers have promised lots of functions and tools with a high degree of security. There is no end-to-end encryption, and there is no information about which security method is used at all. Users do not receive notifications about the threat of unauthorized access to their accounts.



The security system in the messenger works so that even if your password is hacked, scammers will not be able to read anything. When you log in from another device, the old correspondence instantly disappears from the old media. The only thing an attacker can profit from is contacts. Also, all calls made are encrypted.


Start using secure messengers and protect your data from strangers.

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