How to Enable Touchpad on HP Laptop


Enable Touchpad in HP Laptop

Want to know how to enable touchpad on hp laptop then you can see our complete guide on how to fix the touchpad issues and how to enable touchpad in laptop. All laptops incorporate, usually under the keyboard, an element called touchpad that acts as a mouse and allows us to operate our system without connecting more peripheral devices in it.

The problem that I have is that the touchpad of my laptop is very sensitive and when I write a document I always have problems touching the touchpad and there are disasters in the text that I write.

How to Enable Touchpad on hp Laptop

I have tried some scripts, pressing the default key of my computer to activate / deactivate the touchpad, with programs like “touchpad-indicator” and I have not had any results. However, looking for some information for that I found two commands that allow you to activate or deactivate the touchpad.

How to Enable touchpad on hp laptop

This element, often is not of any use, since it is possible that we are using a portable computer with a mouse connected to it, so we will be interested in deactivating it , or on the contrary, we may need to use it but for Some reason is disabled and we need to activate it in order to work with our team.

The place where you access the configuration of activation and deactivation of this element is not always known by users, so we have chosen to show the specific place where the configuration is located and from where you can enable or not the touchpad.

To get to the configuration, you must:

  • Click on Start
  • Here Click on Control Panel.
  • Click on Mouse or Mouse.
  • Now Click on Device Settings.
  • Locate the device that refers to the touchpad. -If you do not know what it is, you can choose to try the different ones you will find in the list-
  • Tap Enable or Disable according to your need. -You can see that when you activate or deactivate the device, it will show an image on the screen as the one of the attached capture that will confirm the process.-
  • Click on Apply and then OK.

How to Enable Touchpad on HP Laptop

With these simple steps, you will have been able to access the touchpad configuration of your device and have been able to activate or deactivate this device according to your needs.

How to fix the touchpad of your laptop with these tricks

Those who choose a laptop do so because they have everything they need to work with their PC from anywhere. Even the most gamers have machines of this family prepared to always give them the best performance. If you use your machine to play or work, you will use the touchpad on occasion, but this may stop working without prior notice. That’s why we teach you how to fix your laptop’s touchpad.

Verify that it is not disabled

Laptops have their own mouse, but this does not mean that you can not connect an external one. In fact, both complement each other so you can use the one that is most necessary. In the case where the machine is incorporated, each manufacturer has a combination of keys that deactivates the touchpad. Normally, it is the Fn button next to a numeric or function key. You can touch them by accident and be surprised when you slide your finger across the surface.

Do not obey correctly? Restart the settings

It may be another section of the computer’s chassis, but the tactile mouse is another piece of hardware. As such, it has its own driver that you can restart from the Control Panel options. In the section of Device, go to mouse and touch panel. Here you should check that all the parameters are correct. Focus on the delay time, which is designed so that the panel activates when you get closer or closer to your fingers.

If you need to fix the touchpad of your laptop you will have to go to the advanced options. In this menu all the information related to the device appears, but there is a more specific section if possible. We promise that you are one click away from resetting to the original values. The process is as simple as pressing the values ​​section of the Device Configuration tab. In the new window you will find the predefined button in the lower right part.

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Reinstall the driver

The other solution to fix the touchpad of your laptop is to visit the section of installed applications. Here you can uninstall the Synaptic Pointing driver and reinstall a more modern version through this link to the official website of the company . This point is the most critical and remember to download the driver before doing this procedure since navigating using the keyboard is a tedious task.

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