Earn Money Using the Google Affiliate Ads

     How to make money using Google

Blogger is one of the best publishing platforms which is now available for any one who wants to share their interest on a particular thought. We can also earn money online using the blog in internet, if you are already a blogger then you have a good news that you can earn extra cash using the same blogger blog. Google has now turned its interest to its affiliates and provided the bloggers a brand new affiliate that is google affiliate ads. Google affiliate ads is the new affiliate marketing concept of google, which has initiated with the positive thoughts the blogger and also the publishers who wants to benefit for a particular product. So here’s a change for us to make the affiliate…


What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing actually refers to the promotion of services or products through the users or customers. Say if i buy any product from a online site and i recommend you for that product then you buy that product too through my referral then the company will pay me an affiliate, it will be a certain amount of your purchase simply a commission. If you further refer to some other people you will get more commission. 


Top affiliate marketing companies are Amazon, Clickbook etc, but nowadays almost all the online companies are registered with he affiliate programs, so now google has also done the same in terms of affiliates. 

Google Affiliate Ads

This feature is introduced in the form of a widget, here you can easily add the google image ads to your blog to earn money.  So whenever you write a new post about a particular product or service, then google affiliate ad widget will guide you to display an add of your own post. From that you choose a relevant ad in the widget and place the ad in the post in terms of a text link ad or image ad or full fledge banner ad.


This feature is completely different from the pay per click model for adsense ads. This affiliate marketing results in the performance of the affiliates, so the maximum referrals you make results in the maximum commission.

Start with Google Affiliate Ads

First before getting started with the Google affiliate ads make sure that you have an adsense account. You dont require any new account for the earnings you may simply proceed with the existing account. 
Go the Blogger home page, Click on the Earnings button in this you will find an option Get started. Now you will be guided to the rest of the process. Here you can adjust the google ads sizes and google text ads. For clear understanding you can check out with the below video.


Hope that you have got an idea by seeing this video if you have started with any other affiliate programs you can also check with this. For any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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