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      How I bought an iPhone 5 At a Throw Away Price:
I remember back in the days when the only means of communication in India and other parts of the world was the telephone booth. Technology like android KitKat had not gone mainstream, maybe because God was still thinking and decision on who exactly would give birth to Steve Jobs. And when the very first version of Motorola mobile phones landed on the market, humankind began to see a new rise in technical evolution, and hopefully this would in the future change the world. Surprisingly, it did.
The birth of Apple Company was a good luck to all Apple product lovers. And to date, the company works its butts on a daily to produce and deliver the best products to the market. I know many of you do not love Apple product because you have used Android Smart Phones and Tablets and gotten used to Google Products more than anything else. I have never been a fancy for any Google Product, maybe in the next world, if such exists for sure.


The problem with Apple is that the products are dangerously expensive, and Apple is not going to revise its price charts soon really. The truth is, a quality product deserves the best price tag with no cuts in between. But could there be a way to get an iPhone 5, a brand new one at a lesser price than the actual one?
I am among those people who have been busy searching for the best deals on iPhone 5 Smart Phone for the last one month now. Every on display has a freaking price tag. There was a time I freaked and almost fainted when I saw an iPhone 5 in one of the shops going for more than $1,000 USD. What? This was, is and will always be freaking expensive. Where on earth was I going to raise such an amount to buy such a small gadget? No way. I was going to keep looking, and buy this only after getting a fair price cut.
I heard some friends of mine conversing one morning in the office about smart Snapdealdeals and how they have helped many people get electronic devices at fair prices. Could this be my chance to get what I want? I consulted and to my surprise, I had wasted a lot of time in the local market, not knowing that the online platform was thriving this much and even selling items at discount prices.
Coupon Machinewas the topic of the day, and I was definitely going to try this one for sure. After a few minutes, I landed on the best Flipkart deals for iPhone 5, exactly the smart phone that I wanted to buy for the last one month. Before buying on Flipkart, I strongly recommend every user to check Couponmachine’s Snapdeal dealspage. I bet, you will find many good coupons and offers in that page. Well, I made a payment, waited for a few days and there, I would start texting and calling my friends with an iPhone 5 now. My pain was gone, my hassles gave birth to an advantage and I had a good Smart Phone bought at more than 35% off the actually price. What a great discount for an expensive product.

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