How to Convert DVD Video Files to MP4?

Convert DVD Video Files to MP4

We all know that a dedicated DVD file types is there to make the playback a lot easier on DVD players. But you will face compatibility issues when trying to play the same DVD files on your mobile devices. That’s when the video file conversion takes the significance.
Today, you are going to read how to convert DVD to MP4 in the simplest way.

How to Convert DVD Video Files to MP4

First, you need a good video converter to kick-start the process. Over the past years, I have used quite a number of converters. And, only one among the lot has satisfied me. It’s nothing but Movavi video converter.
So you will read how to convert DVD to MP4 video on Movavi here.
Follow the steps given below to proceed with the conversion.
Step 1: Obviously the first step is to download the software itself. I am giving you two links. Choose one based on the computer OS you use.
Step 2: Trace the downloaded folder and open the executable setup file. Proceed with the installation as you do to install any other software. Then, open the app using the desktop shortcut or the direct .exe file from the installed folder.
Step 3: Unlike any other video converter, you will see a dedicated button to add DVD files here (Add DVD). Clicking on it will open a dialogue box to choose a folder. Locate the VIDEO_TS folder in your DVD here.
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Step 4: Click on the arrow right next to Convert to. And, choose one of the presets fitting your need. Don’t forget to choose MP4 from Video and Audio as well.
Step 5: After doing all the above steps without fail, you can now click Convert button to start the conversion. {You can change the output folder before clicking the Convert button if you want. By default, it will be saved in Movavi Library folder}.

That’s all. Finally, you can transfer the converted file to your mobile device using any connectivity application.

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