Computer/PC Auto Shutdown Trick

     How to Shutdown Computer Automatically

Computer auto shutdown is very interesting and useful methodology for the users who simply forgets to do PC shutsdown. Many of us work on computer for a specific time and after finishing we will keep some downloadings or we will simply keep sleep mode and move away  and later on we will forget to autoshut PC. So we definitely require automatically shutdown PC, but if you want do automatic shutdown and don’t know the procedure dont worry we are here to guide you how to automatic shutdown pc in a easy way. 


Automatic PC Shutdown

Automatic PC shutdown is done to shut a computer after a particular period. This trick for pc shutdown automatically does not require any shutdown software or auto shutdown software to install, simply follow the in detail method to complete shutdown work automatically.


—–>First step is to open the notepad on your pc which can be done by going to start menu, type notepad in search box and select notepad click Enter.
—–>Now copy and paste the below code in the notepad.
@echo off
if %time%==00:00:00.00 goto :X
goto :W
shutdown.exe /s /f /t 60 /c “GudTechTricks”
—–>Edit the code like replace the gudtechtricks to anything and type the time in 00:00:00 format which consists of HH:MM:SS [Hours, Minutes, Seconds] and slo insert the time in 24 hour format.
—–>Save the file by clicking on Save As.
—–>Select the files and save them as autoshutdown.bat and click save.
—–>Your process is completed to check it double click on BAT file, you can see the command window, open the window and do your work now at that specified time you PC will auto shutdown.

Hope that you have got how to do PC auto shutdown, we expect that you are being satisfied with the tutorial of automatic shutdown and you learnt from this article. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!…..

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