What is com.android.gallery3d and How to fix?

If you ever come across the com.android.gallery3d, and do have any idea what it is and why it exists. There is nothing to worry about, in this article we will come to know what is it and why it exists. And even discuss how to fix the crashing and the other issues related to it.

Nowadays Mobile has been a part of our life. And the camera is one of the important features of the mobile. But in the ancient days, we used to have a camera and stuff. We had to wait for the camera film to end to get a good picture and the will get printed. In 1975, the digital camera had bought a great transformation from its invention. Now, smartphones ahs the greater featres engulfed all the features of the digital camera.


The present smartphones help you to capture the moment, where you are creating the memories that allow you to capture the images or the videos instantly through the smart feature “Gallery”, where you can organize all your images, videos, and gifs in that particular place. Even it also has an inbuilt app editor where you can edit your image in no time that involves cropping, applying the filters, mirroring, rotating, and many more, and also it provides you the sharing option to shares the images to the social platform.


What is Com.android.gallery3d?

com.android.gallery3d is the Android package file default to the gallery app which is the general convention of the naming packages. It is the system application that comes that is related to your default gallery app which comes with your phone. It will get started again the next time when you open the gallery even if you delete the data or force stop it.

There are numerous case directories and files stored in the Andriod OS and they are designed so that whenever you open the application, it stores the data. Therefore, whenever you open the app, the data comes into play. As some of the memory stored back in the cache, this gets back in the cache.

com.android.gallery3d delete

Storing the files in the cache might cause storage issues. Therefore these files might be doubled as most of the data is stored in your device as well as the operating system is also stored as the backup files within the other system files that are hidden.

How to fix the Unfortunately Gallery Stopped?

If you have come across that your gallery is unfortunately stopped and it is not working, then you have performed the given below steps to fix the “Unfortunately gallery stopped”. Here are a few of the methods that you can try.

Re-Start the Device

To fix the issue, you have to restart your device, as sometimes restarting the device, might help you to fix it.

used com.android.gallery3d

  • Press and hold the Power Button for few seconds.
  • Wait for few seconds and then restart the device again.

If this doesn’t help you to fix the error, then you can go for other methods to fix it.

Media Storage and the Gallery App – Clear the Cache

To clear the Cache of the Media storage and the Gallery App, follow the given below steps to do so.

  • Head to the “Settings”.
  • Now, tap on the “Apps”.

com.android.gallery3d apk

  • On the top right,  tap on the “ellipsis” icon.
  • Next, select the “System apps”.
  • Now, locate the “Media Storage App” and click on it.
  • Open the Storage and finally click on the Clear Cache.

Try the Same methods to clear the cache for the gallery app. Note that the process is not the same depending upon your Android version. You have to tap on the “All Apps” instead of the ellipsis and then find the apps to clear the cache.

Check your SD card Storage

Try to delete some of the large files to free up some of the space,  if your SD card storage is full. After clearing the storage space, hopefully, the “Gallery has Stopped” message will stop disappear.

com.android.gallery3d download

Remove the SD Card

Sometimes, the issue might arise because of the SD card. So, remove the SD card from your device and try to use your phone.  Open the gallery and check if you come across the error again or not.

com.android.gallery3d what is it

If you don’t come across the error message, then insert the SD card back into the device and check the reason behind the error. Have you again encountering the error, then you have to format or replace the card.

Is com.android.gallery3d Safe?

com.android.gallery3d is safe to use. But people think that this is the kind of malware but it is not. Even if you didn’t use the app, be aware that whenever you see the “com.android.gallery3d” in the used apps of the activity log, that doesn’t mean that anything is wrong. So, don’t be panic because this activity log is shown up, because the android apps are used in the background.

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Cache of com.android.gallery3d

When you first open the files, the cache data is the small files that are generated. For an illustration, in the gallery app, if you open the folder of the pictures for the first time. Then the pictures might take the longest time to show the thumbnail. But next time it might loader faster because of the cache that is stored in that folder.

But might notice this difference in the latest devices as they are very powerful for smaller tasks like this. thought there might be a great difference. The cache is stored in the location ” Android/data/com.android.gallery3d/cache”.

com.android.gallery3d more_vert

Like Micro, Mini, Cross, and Nano there are multiple files in that cache folder. You might have to clear cache files if they create any issue because even sometimes, the cache data might be in MB’s or even in GB’s as the clearing of the cache is temporary. You have to do it unless you feel it is important to delete the data.

com.android.gallery3d – Disabled

Because of the corrupted files, the gallery might be disabled and can’t be enabled. So, to repair it you have to download and install the apk file of the stock gallery app, or even you have to download the third-party gallery app.


com.android.gallery3d is the important integral part of your device that stores the copies of your images in small thumbnails. And also helps you to recover the accidentally deleted files. Unfortunately stopping and the unwanted filling of the device storage are some of the issues with this. If you have any doubts about com.android.gallery3d apk, feel free to text us. Stay tuned to GudTechTricks for more updates.

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