11 Best Minecraft Mods Anyone Can Use in 2021

Minecraft is one of the most popular games around the world where the best Minecraft mods are the popular additions to the game. Minecraft is a popular modular game. In this pandemic, as many of them are stuck at home 2020 has become the most influx of them with the gamers.  Similar to the other desktop games, mods will enhance and also expands the experience in many other ways.

The mods on Minecraft have been around for the loner time, since their beginnings. Moreover, there are thousands of mods in Minecraft that surprise you in each turn, if you are new to the Minecraft world. Moreover, you can install several new mods that are available for Minecraft that change the world of the game completely.

best minecraft mods

As some of the mods may not have been updated to support the latest version, so you have to pay attention to the supported versions while you choose to install any of the mods. In this article, we have provided you the best Minecraft mods that you can get in 2021.


List of Best Minecraft Mods

Adding below provided new mods or best mods for Minecraft achieves everything and also the items to modernize some of the features of the vanilla games. Moreover, some of the mods only support certain features of the game, in this game you can even know how to change skin in minecraft java edition. So, you need to check the version before installing the mods.

So, keep continuing reading this article, below we have provided you the list of the must-have Minecraft mods, that you can get in the year 2021.

Optifine Mod

In the history of Minecraft, optimize is one of the most popular modes. This optimizes significantly improves the performance of your game and also on the low-ed hardware it allows you to achieve a better-smooth framerate.

minecraft best mods

Optifine will helps you by providing an expanding graphics menu even if you have a powerful PC and that gives you effective control over the game’s finer details.

Miner’s Helmet Mod

When you go on a mining excursion? there you are tried of placing the torches down every time. When you are in the dark caves, the Miners Helmet mode will let you carry your own personal light source with you.

best mods for minecraft

Freeing up the inventory slots will allow you to navigate the complex cave systems.

Fastcraft Mod

Optifine mod can’t help you if you are running Minecraft in on weak enough hardware, then the fast craft will come in handy and must have Minecraft mods. Eliminating the lag spikes and the sporadic framerate drop is the main aim of the Fastcraft.

minecraft fastcraft mod

Therefore, it helps you a lot if you’re playing Minecraft on a machine that shutters when you are loading the chunk every time. Also see some things to do in minecraft survival mode.

Pixelmon Mod

Pixelmon, Minecraft with the pokemon is one of the longest-running Minecraft mods, that adds the hundred of the spoken to the games. Including the new the collected creatures such as grookey, Scorbunny, Sobble, and the Galar favorites to the blocky world of Minecraft,  the mod is continually updating to the date.

pixelmon mod for minecraft

Chisel Mod

With Minecraft’s limited selection of blocks, some people can do some crazy things. Without having the creative works around, sometimes you just want to build whatever you want.

Chisel Mod

Then there the Chisel Mod will add the large varieties of the decorative blocks to the game, which grants you a large huge control over your creations and also allows you to create some pretty unique structure.

Pam’s Harvest Craft Mod

In Minecraft, food is the key but without any, any sort of substantial update the game farming has gone for years.

must have minecraft mods

Therefore,  for adding the dozens of the new crops to grow and the nearly 20 fishes to catch, food to craft, and over 1000 new items, then the Par’s Harvest craft Mod is the best solution.

Biomes O’Plenty Mod

Biomes O’Plenty mod is for you when you wish to have more biomes. These mods introduce the 80 new biomes to the game and also provides you the plenty of locations that are essential Minecraft mods. You can find them in the new plants, items, or even the blocks that are filled in the Biomes O’Plenty.

biomes o'plenty mod

Fast Leaf Decay

When you can find the last price of the wood that will keep all the leaves to float, then the cutting of the trees in Minecraft difficult process. Moreover, after you have chopped all the wood in the Minecraft this is the worst thing that you’re waiting for leaves to fall.

fast leaf decay mod 1.16.5

Therefore, in such cases, the fast Leafy Decay mod will help you to increase the speed at which the leaves break after the tree has lost all its wood. After you are getting used, then this is the mod that you won’t be able to play with.

Here What’s You’re Looking At(HWYLA)

Here What’s You’re looking at mod (HWYLA) will specify exactly what type of block you are looking at and if you are playing with the large mod pack, which is practically required.

hwyla mod minecraft

As sometimes you don’t know what a block is and if the lapsed Minecraft player then there are also some blocks that you won’t identify. Even you are unable to memorize every block added to every mod.

Traveler’s Backpacks

The Traveler backpacks will add the backpack to the Minecraft. It does a lot to make the mining and also explores the much less effort.

essential minecraft mods

For your buckets or the portions, this backpack adds several inventory slots and even has separate fluid slots.

Decorative Blocks

Using the vanilla set of blocks, experienced Minecraft builders know all sorts of tricks to build intricate things. But the decorative blocks will help you to put out of trouble as this mod adds several new blocks where you can have the new life into the builds that include the beams, supports, and bonfires.

fun minecraft mods


Hopefully, this article provides you the best Minecraft mods that are needed for Minecraft which are available on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and many more. If you have any doubts feel free to text us. Stay tuned for Gudtechtricks more updates.

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