Best Launchers For Android

Best Android Launcher

Android launchers are the one which makes the user experience a easy way of customizing and do you know how many android launchers app are there, its unlimited. Some of the android launchers makes the user a easy way of expressing and using the device this is applicable for 4.4 and android kitkat also. In addition to that it makes the GUI also and brings a friendliness for the phone. We are living in a world of internet, media and other requirements. Our lives have changed to the maximum extent involving the internet world and leaving the real world. 


In fact sometimes this net world helps us a lot doing our process a bit easily. By using some of the interesting apps,  launchers, we can get the data or information very quickly. Now these launchers makes you android device looks even better. In this article we are providing some of the best android launchers that will surely makes you happy. Now lets check the best launchers in android phones. 

APEX Launcher:


Apex launcher is one of the best android launcher that is highly customised and is applicable for android smartphones and android tablets. This provides a grid size cutomized screen, which is available for free. Rather than the other launchers this provides a control of gestures which makes the user very simple to surf on it. Some of the features of apex launcher are listed here.
Unlimited Scrolling
Appealing transitional features
Scroll-able docks
Interactive and customizable icons
Customized icons

Download APEX Android Launcher

Yahoo Aviate Launcher:


This application of android is one of among the best android launchers, it automatically organizes the application and information and allows to save the time and makes a quick search for your daily requiirements. Simply to say it is a best designed launcher. Based on the usage this launcher acts, the navigation screen is fast and efficient and also saves the battery. Some of its features are listed here.
Simple and beautiful navigation
Apps are well organised
Smart streaming with events and attractions.
Multiple wallpapers.
Battery saver

Download Yahoo Aviate Launcher

Z Launcher:


Z launcher comes from nokia, which has a enhanced way of using android. This launcher feeds the information from various sources, to give the user a best experience, This is smartly designed to improve user experience with every day and makes it a bit faster. With its smart evolution it promotes the right stuff as when required, some of its features are listed here.
You can use scribble to find the related applications.
Easy and one touch launch.
Adapt the right stuff.

Download Z Launcher 

APUS Launcher:


Another best launcher for android is the apus, it is designed to maintain the balance between performance and personalization which makes the android smartphones easy to use. This is the extremely popular launcher and has more than 300 users around the world. Not only that it is one of the ranked launchers on google play. Apus features are listed here.
Better optimized
Makes the low memory for apps.
Speed ups the phone
Amazing battery saver option.

Download APUS Launcher

Nova Launcher:


This is another great launcher for the android phones and tablets, not only for its performance driven quite customizable, ’tis is in fact a best user friendly launching application. It uses a scrollable dock for easy usage and has the back up and restore options for the beginners. This is every one’s favourite launcher. Check its features below.
Provides huge attractive themes.
Customized application drawer.
Infinite scrolling
Sub-grid positioning
Huge Icons

Download Nova Android Launcher

Atom Launcher:


Atom launcher is one the newer android launcher apps, that seems to be moving in the right directions, it makes you android smartphone to work easily and conveniently, this launcher provides various services such as settings, trendy themes, home screen etc. Check the features of atom launcher here.
Supports customizable folders on screen.
Icon customization, Icon settings.
Atom bar color change.
Home screen copy
App Grids.

Download Atom Launcher

Hope that you have got the best android launchers. All these are the selected top android launchers, these are the collection of the launchers of android that are very useful and makes the smartphone to work properly. Some of the selected launchers are available for free download. Check out them and have the available launchers for free.  

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