Best Encrypted Messenger! Cool Off: You’re Safe Now!

When choosing the best encrypted messengers, their options are extremely diverse. The user can look at a variety of options to choose one: number of users, features, stability … but security becomes increasingly important when choosing an app.

In fact, encryption on both devices should be a requirement when using messenger. The application provides each user with a private and public key. Messages sent to the specified user are encrypted with the public key and can only be read with the encrypted key.

Best Encrypted Messenger

Thus, if anyone tries to read this data without the private key, they will only see obscure characters. Given the importance of encrypted messages, we have compiled for you the applications that are the most secure.

Best Encrypted Messenger: Top 5

#1 Telegram


Telegram allows you to send messages, share files, conduct group chats. Also in the messenger, you can edit messages, delete them and configure self-destruction after a certain period. The account is linked to a mobile phone number, although you can contact users by their aliases.

The MTProto Protocol was used as an encryption method. This Protocol combines several popular protocols: RSA-2048 for authentication and authorization, DH-2048 for data encoding, AES for message forwarding, etc.

Although the application has a high degree of data protection, it is not necessary to say that Telegram is the most secure messenger. However, the binding of the account to the phone number is criticized, as well as the fact that the contents of ordinary chats (not secret) and the phone book are stored on Telegram servers for some time.

#2 Signal


This app, available for iOS and Android, is perhaps the safest option when choosing an instant messaging app. Signal is the developer of the most efficient end-to-end encryption Protocol.

The app itself completely encrypts chats, including metadata that can show who you’re talking to. Also, messages can be configured to self-destruct.

On the other hand, Signal servers store very little information about their users: the date of account creation and the last access to the servers.

#3 Threema


Indeed, a worthy competitor of Telegram can be called the Swiss messenger Threema. To start using the app, you need to pay $2 once, but it pays much more attention to the security of correspondence. For example, when you first visit an app, you need to swipe your finger across the screen to generate a unique ID.

The authors of Threema recommend for reliability to add new contacts, scanning the QR code with the ID from the screen of a friend. Then they will be assigned the maximum verification level. If you want, you can use less reliable methods: synchronize contacts or enter the ID manually, passing it through insecure channels.

 #4 Confide


Confide is another nice and also free messenger with claimed encryption, which unlike Threema takes a step in a really interesting direction: the message comes to the recipient in the form of several rows of rectangles that open only when the user points his finger at them. Thus, the full text of the message is never displayed on the screen.

If the recipient still tries to take a screenshot, it will automatically be thrown into the contact list, and the message itself will be immediately deleted. At the same time, the sender will receive a signal that his message tried to “remove”. Moreover, Confide does not store messages as such: they disappear after reading anyway.

#5 What’s App


WhatsApp does not have a single centralized server, and all communication takes place through a P2P connection. The information is stored on the devices themselves – it can not be found anywhere else on the Internet.

Among other things, to add someone to WhatsApp, you need to know the person’s phone number. Of course, for this reason, no one will be able to impersonate your relative or friend.


  • Excellent P2P encryption;
  • Native security systems;
  • Full anonymity is possible;
  • There is no collection of information;
  • Full support for VPN, anti-spyware and antivirus.

Don’t hesitate and choose the most appropriate and convenient one for you!

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