5 Basics of an SEO Site Audit

It has never been more crucial than now to work on your SEO optimization. Most business owners and web hosts are unsure where to begin. They know that SEO is essential; they just don’t know how to make sure their site is running smoothly.

Whether you decide to tackle the site audit yourself or hire a professional to help you along, here are the five basics of any SEO site audit, so you know what to expect.

5 Basics of an SEO Site Audit

Begin a Crawl

This is the first and possibly most crucial step in any SEO web audit. A crawl is one of the most powerful processes you can use to help identify any problem areas and duplicate content. This is an easy place to begin your audit and repairs. Sites like SEMrush offer a free option that will help you gauge where you are compared to other sites’ SEO.

Manual Searches

The next thing you should do is to run some manual searches on different search engines. Most auditors use Google to discover the rankings of the sites they are working on. You ideally want to be on the first results page, and closer to the top. To do these searches, you will need to search the keywords that your page should be ranking for. If you are not on the first page, then you should look at competitors’ sites and see how their SEO is set up.

Meta Tags, Descriptions, Titles

The next thing you need to work on is individual page and or product meta information. You will want to run another check to make sure you eliminate duplicate content. This is very important if you have a lot of similar products or blog pages that are similar. Once you have crawled this, you will want to work on making sure your relevant keywords are located in the first 100 words of your meta descriptions. These words need to also be in the title and tags.

Internal and External Links

Managing your inbound and outbound links is critical. On blog sites where you usually have higher-than-standard outbound links, you need to make sure you stay on top of it. It may seem challenging to manage all these links manually, and you are right. There are free tools like Xenu Sleuth, that you can use that will check for broken links so you can address those issues regularly.

Site Speed

Site speed is arguably the single most crucial factor on your website. Consumers are impatient and will not wait for a slow site to load. They will seek out a faster site from your competitors. Many things can drag your website. Usually, it is images and running too much javascript. By minimizing these, you will increase your site speed.


Many people seek SEO consultant services to help them to navigate the tricky waters of search engines. This is one of the best methods to ensure that your project runs smoothly and you are getting the results you need for your website. The proof will be shown with an increase in traffic to your site and with higher search ranking results.

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