Automate Your SQL Backups

The one thing I want to be clear about right now is that this one is going to be a product review. A product with magical A.I powers, something that automates your SQL Backup process 200%. All you have to do is, wish!
If you’re on this post I’m almost sure that you’ve got a website. And  a website, has SQL database on it (almost always!). And not every person who owns a website, is a “web developer”. So I take it that you don’t have a ph.d in computer programming from Harvard.
So let me come down to the point, this article will simply explain to you how to backup your SQL database, without having a a Ph.d in computer science, or in anything as a matter of fact.
I take it that you know why you need a backup, right? Not just SQL, of anything! The “why you need a backup” reason is mostly the same. A backup is just a fail-safe, an option that would let you restore your previous version of work/database/files or anything so that you don’t loose all your work.
Now SQL is what stores the data for your website into strings. Okay I won’t make this complicated,  SQL is important for your website to survive, and thus you might want to make sure that you’ve the latest version of it on your website and that’s what SQLBak does for you, simple as that.

Where does SQLBak Comes in? And Why?

SQLBak is, in my 6years of experience in the industry, one of the best programs ever coded when it comes to “automatic complete SQL backups”.
Okay don’t take my word for it, let me rest my case with solid data, and then you might get what I’m talking about:-
·       Automatic Backups:- Yeah you need SQL backups? Don’t have the time or knowledge about it? Let SQLBak handle it. It takes the backups automatically on the scheduled time! Yeah you can ofcourse schedule it.
·       Automatic uploads:- Not just the backup, it even uploads the backup to a Google Drive/ Amazon S3 account / External networked HDD or any other location you prefer.
·       Notifications:- You get email notifications if there’s even the least bit of chance of something being wrong with your SQL database. Now that’s not something every other Sql backup program out there can claim to offer.

       FireWall Free Configurations:- In most other SQL backup programs, you need to customize your firewall permissions to let the program work smoothly. Well not with SqlBak. You don’t need to install/edit or change your firewall settings to get SqlBak working on your system.
·       Secure HTTPS Connection:- Your connection between the SQL server, and SQLBak is protected by HTTPS socket layers, so well you don’t need to worry about the connection being interrupted or compromised either.
·       Free Demo:- Guess what! You don’t need to put a cent before you’re totally sure about the program! It’s Demo control panel let’s you take a tour of what it is and how it works, before buying SqlBak. So yeah check it out right now!
·       Any time- Any Device Access:- You don’t even need PhpMyAdmin, or any other kind of special requirement in order to access Sqlbak anytime. You can access the control panel and checkout the backups + your server health from any device or browser / platform! There’s just no restriction.
Is it Worth It?
If you ask me, I’d say yes. It’s like it automates everything. I just have to schedule the date and time of the backup, from there everything is on automation.
The program takes the backup, uploads it on the server and notifies me about it, all of this without me doing anything! 
Additionally, not just the backup, it also offers you a restore service! Again something that not a lot of similar products can offer.
So in case you ever need your backups, it’ll even let you restore them without the need of you to mess with codes or anything.
So in a nutshell, I’d say yes SQLBak is totally worth it, infact as I said, it’s one of the best Sql Backupproducts I’ve ever come across, so I speak from experience.
And No you don’t need to take my word for it, I suggest you checkout the demo control panel I talked about earlier for yourselves, and then decide!
Don’t forget to let me know your decision in the comments!

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