Apple iPad mini 3

iPad Mini or iPad Apple has launched one of its third generation Mini tablet as iPad mini 3 which is going to be one of the top tablets in the world. This iPad mini 2014 is having an amazing feature i.e. Touch ID sensor which is compatible with Apple Pay. This new iPad mini 3 … Read more

How to speed up your slow WiFi connection

Speed Up Slow WiFi connection Now a days we are using many electronic devices like iPods, Tablets, laptops, mobiles etc to surf in the net, to download or mail a friend for all these we require the internet connection to work, and more over if we use a cable connection we can access either laptop … Read more

Top 5 Web Browsers for Android Mobiles

Best Browser for Android: Web Browsers commonly known as a browser is a software application which is used to retrieve, present and transfer the information through “World Wide Web”. In order to search some data in a mobile phone, we need an app which retrieves the data for that web browsers are hosted in mobiles. … Read more

How to set a link from Android wear watch to Android mobile

Connecting Android Watch to Android mobile: Android wear watches are the most popular gadgets now arising in the world today these smart watches have many options like calling facility, video call some times, notifications, apps and a lot. Smart watches simply represents a smartphone and almost all the features existing in it. Among these smart … Read more

Android key lime pie: New Android version

Android Key Lime Pie: Android is one of the top most operating system in the mobiles which has released many versions of it with different names. Recently Android users have been upgraded to its version as Android v4.3 Jelly Bean which was the current latest version and even it was a sequel version of Android … Read more

Google’s Android One Mobiles

Android One Mobiles Google company is one of the most top search engines in the world, it has even entered into the world of mobiles by creating a new operating system called as Android One. Google has mingled with the other mobile companies in India and has given its authority to sell Android kitkat version … Read more

How to download google chrome 64 bit for Windows 7/8

     Free Google Chrome Download World’s top most internet browser is Google chrome a fast search engine which is running with a peak level of chrome 32 bit version and in order to beat this, the Google has released the newer version of Google chrome which is finally a 64bit version. Actually the 32 … Read more

Tricks to charge a phone without a charger

Charge a phone without charger Are you vexedup by charging your phone, have you ever found that your battery is dead. All the smartphones have wonderful features and annoying applications but these features consume the battery power. The battery consumes much of the power. There are many ways to charge your mobile even if the … Read more