Easy Steps to Remove Virus from Mac


MacOS is one of the safest technologies amid the existing ones. But with the course of technology development, not only positive aspects arise. There are various viruses that lead to malfunction of the system. Every person who creates something useful always has an equally smart person who wants to break it. And if your OS … Read more

How to Block a Text on Android Smartphone

how to block a text on android

Want to know about how to block a text on android, are you not interested to receive messages from unknown numbers, then you can simply block the number with one click. With these techniques, you can block texts on android phone. When we are communicating with our friends and family we use text messages or … Read more

How to Use Chromecast Without Wifi On Android and PC

chromecast without wifi

Chromecast without wifi: Usually the Chromecast helps the users accessing various needful online content. This is all possible when you are connected to the Internet. But yes, these days, without WiFi, you have a chance to use Chromecast. How? I am going to explain here in easy or simple terminology. But before moving to the … Read more

DF Charta 01 {Fixed} Error Retrieving Information from Server

fix DF charta 01

DF CHARTA 01 is one of the general error that occurs in the google play store. When a user tries to login to the google play store a login message ”Error retrieving information from server DF-CHARTA-01″ has appeared on their screens. Most of the users who have got this issue say that they were affiliated … Read more

How to Change Minecraft Skin by PC, Web & Java Editions

how to change minecraft skin

How to Change Minecraft Skin? Do you know the most lovable game is none other than Minecraft? Yes, many people feel passionate to play such a wonderful game. You can play as a character or alien throughout the game. That means just by tapping the F5 key, you can see yourselves on the screen. But … Read more

How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC

How to Upload Videos to Instagram from PC

Instagram is a social network that many people use from their own application for mobile devices, often uploading images and videos from the smartphone. However it is also possible to use Instagram from the desktop computer or from a laptop. Know more about the instagram videos from us. There is an option that although less used also has its … Read more

How to Change Netflix Password on Computers and Mobiles

how to change netflix password

How to Change the Netflix Password: As everyone knows, Netflix is ​​one of the most used streaming services nowadays. If you are a netflix user, you need to know how to change netflix password. This platform that gives us the possibility to watch movies, series and documentaries either on our Smart TV, on the PC … Read more