Attracting Visitors to Your Site with More than the Usual Blog Post


Nowadays it is common for websites to have their separate blogs too. Having a blog gives your company lots of marketing benefits like driving website traffic, creating customer leads, solidifying client engagement, etc. Though gaining revenues are also equally important for this you might be interested in conversion rate optimization guide. This will surely help you make the most out from your blog.
There are always some posts which for sure get the major traffic to the respective website. So, how to get traffic from other than these usual posts? Any site needs more than a strong blog to keep its readers glued to it. Websites need to strategize such that the readers are interested with the new flow of updated contents. 



  •    Info graphics
To build up your company’s brand name you can create educational info graphics to present valuable information with eye catching designs and interesting data or tips. It helps attract visitors to your site through social media, etc.
  • Interviewing experts In your Respective Industry
Interviews with famous people, celebrities or experts in some filed are often not neglected and people read or watch them quite seriously. You can conduct interviews few times a year with people expert in your site’s industry and keep publishing so that readers keep coming back to update themselves.
  • Hosting Webinars
You can select topics for webinars focusing on your site’s product or ideas and provide educational benefits to the visitors to keep them tuned in to your website. The topics must be chosen such that they have a high search potential.
  •    Insight to Industry Study
Visitors to your site may not know much about your industry and would be curious to know what ways your industry or field is changing and growing. Conduct and publish industry research and analysis; let them know what trends are setting in and show them specially if any growth in recent months such that people will associate your brand as a leading company in the respective industry.
  •    User Generated Content
Give your visitors the feeling of personalization by putting the spotlight on the visitors themselves.  Highlighting user generated contents like user photos, testimonials, videos, custom reviews, etc. provides your site the element of personalization as well as sense of trust between customers and your brand.
  •    Giveaways
Who doesn’t like things to be given for free? Give your visitors website relevant products or tees or little customized gifts to promote your company’s brand name. The gifts would cost little to you but would provide huge value for your website.
  •    Quizzes
Blog posts can often steer readers away with lengthy blocks of text whereas quizzes attract attention by evoking curiosity which likely keeps visitors on your site. Having great content is not the only element of attracting traffic. You must keep experimenting with different ways to present information to your readers; for e.g. let the users share their answers on social media which in turn encourages their friends to take the quiz too.

At the end the thing that’s utmost important is your content. All the promotion in the world would be of no use if your content is not up to the mark.

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