Are Digital Marketers Cost Effective When You Hire Them

We are living in a very competitive world where every business must consider marketing its products. It is very difficult to operate profitably in a normal market condition without marketing.Business people have developed different strategies for marketing their products over time. Some years back. Radio, Televisions and print media could be used to pass information to the target audience. It never worked perfectly and sometimes the targeted population could not get the intended communication. Simply put,not everyone would have access to the a fore mentioned means of communication.

Today everything is different. Thanks to technological advancements, nearly all of the targeted population can be reached. More than ever, many people have access to the internet. Businesses need to take advantage of this condition through digital marketing. A business that cannot adapt to different trends in the market cannot survive. It is important to invest in marketing and always try to find clients where they are. Today, the best places to look for information on different brands are on the internet. Search engines such as Google play significant roles in this regard.

Digital Marketers

It is very important for a business to augment its online visibility. It requires a lot of efforts to be ranked in search engines. To take full advantage of online presence, you may have to hire a digital marketing company like Search Media.These are firms that have specifically specialized in digital marketing. Seeking the services of these marketers can really benefit your business. Today we want to discuss in details the idea of hiring digital marketers. Specifically, we intend to respond to a common but very important question-Are Digital Marketers Cost Effective When You HireThem to Do All of Your Work? Find a different approach to this question in the discussion.

Is it Cost-Effective to Hire a Digital Marketer?

To begin with, when we talk about cost-effectiveness, we often have in mind other alternatives that can be cheaper. That is true in this regard. There are so many options and a strategy that works perfectly for one company may be ineffective to another. Basically, there are two primary options that businesses often choose from like from marketing-agency-las-vegas. This involves either designing their marketing team internally and just do all the necessary tasks by themselves in-house or outsourcing marketing services from agencies.

Which of the options do you think is effective? Well, the two alternatives have their own pros and cons. For instance, going for an in-house option gives a lot of control over all the minor details that can prove significant but at a lower cost. By the same token, you can be sure of more report and enjoy the expertise of the agency partners. No doubt there are so many factors that you have to consider in deciding whether to outsource. We are going to spend some time discussing that. Each of the factors we are going to consider will help us decide on whether it is cost-effective to opt for outsourcing. We begin with the most important one…

The costs involved

This is the first thing you need to consider when deciding whether to rely on an in-house team or outsource. The costs significantly vary depending on the size of your firm and what you intend to achieve from marketing. Let us assume you need an individual to deal with the marketing of your brands on a full-time basis. Though you can contract some tasks, you are not in apposition to have a complete marketing staff. You need a worthy marketing manager to accomplish marketing duties since that is very cost-effective. Glass door approximates the salary of good marketing managers to be $85,457. But again, the salary cannot be the only thing that matters here. Maybe there is a need for training and relocation among other things. Considering other factors, the salary can move $106,821. In contrast, the cost of outsourcing a digital marketing agency is approximated to be $67,000. Evidently, hiring an agency is cheaper.

The work quality

This variable depends on the expertise of the individuals you hire. Let us say you want a cost-effective approach. You will have to look for a marketing manager who is well acquainted with basic marketing skills including content marketing, SEO optimization, and social media among others. The best marketers out there specialize in one, or perhaps two skills and have a basic understanding of other key aspects to accomplish the tasks. This is understandable because no one can be excellent at everything. In contrast, working with an agency is advantageous because they often come with a group having expertise in all aspects of inbound marketing. This means you will benefit from specialized but not hiring the whole team yourself. Again, on the basis of quality, an agency is more cost-effective.

Work quantity

The quantity of tasks you want to be accomplished is significant in determining the cost-effectiveness of a strategy. In general, an agency may deal with lower quantity compared to full-time workers. Nevertheless, the time taken by an agency in your firm might be highly-productive, perhaps with more output in an hour. The agency will be specifically focused on duties at hand. What is more, agencies do not charge clients on the time taken managing relationships.


If you rely on an internal team, there are high chances of suffering from employee turnover. Even though this is something unavoidable, statistics show current workers are not as loyal as the past ones. The consistency of your marketing strategies and campaigns is likely to suffer significantly in opting for a marketing manager. On the other hand, a digital marketing agency will ensure there is consistency in your marketing campaigns and strategies.

The Bottom Line

Are Digital Marketers Cost Effective When You Hire Them to Do All of Your Work? If we consider the fundamental factors, the answer to this question is yes. For instance, you will benefit from experts in each aspect of marketing right from the beginning. An agency is also less expensive compared to working with an in-house team. More importantly, you will have consistency in your marketing campaigns and strategies. What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below and we will get back to you. Thank you!

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