5 Ways to Boost your Podcast Audience with SEO

Boost your Podcast Audience with SEO

There are a lot of SEO strategies that bring traffic to your site. The most common ones include backlinks, keywords, and high-quality content. The most popular ways of delivering high-quality content that most digital marketers use include blog posts, videos and images, and articles. However, most marketers overlook podcasts. Podcasts are quite effective in driving relevant traffic to your site. That notwithstanding, they can help to build your brand. If you use podcasts, you can assess how your site is ranking using a tool such as Serpbook. However, podcasts will not deliver the results you expect if you don’t implement some strategies. Here is how you can boost your podcast audience with SEO.


1. Optimize your RSS feed

The RSS feed is not as popular as it was in the past, but it is effective in boosting your podcast audience. Your RSS feed assimilates your podcast on Google Play Music, iTunes, and other podcasts platforms available online. When your targeted users subscribe to your podcast, they are subscribing to your RSS feed. The RSS feed is important because it provides your information to these platforms. To ensure that you boost your podcast audience, however, you have to update your podcast in your RSS feed. Optimize your RSS feed to promote compatibility and speed alike.

2. Include YouTube in your strategy

YouTube is one of the most popular sites online with immense traffic. Therefore, when you are creating your podcast content, ensure to incorporate YouTube. Essentially, YouTube acts as a search engine, and it constantly appears in Google search results. It could help you to increase traffic to your podcast in a major way. Fortunately, there are numerous tools that you could use to convert your podcast recording into video content. You should ensure to include a description and a link to the episode page. You should also provide your own transcription of the podcast.

3. Be personable

If you want to improve the number of your podcast audience, it is imperative for you to personalize your content. People will most likely relate to your content when you are friendly and social. You have to learn how to better connect with people. Incorporate personal or thrilling stories. They make your content interesting an engaging, bringing more listeners to your podcast. You should also be comical, and remember to ask your audience relevant questions. Positivity is key.

4. Understand your audience

Another effective way to boost your podcast’s audience is having a clear grasp of whom you are talking to. When you understand your audience, you are able to communicate better and deliver relevant content, boosting your SEO rankings. When you are communicating to them, ensure t explain to them some of the terms, especially those that have abbreviations. Ensure to do this in a nice way so that you may not offend them. Moreover, ensure to communicate to your audience as an individual. Handle them as is you are solving individual issues.

5. Feature guests with an audience

Another way to boost your podcast audience is by featuring a guest that already has an audience. When you interview high-profile guests that have their own audience, you are able to capture a larger audience, creating more traffic to your podcast. This is an effective strategy at the initial stages of your podcasts. Moreover, these high-profile guests can share your episode in their network, boosting your audience.


Podcasts are very effective when it comes to sharing high-quality content. They can help improve your SEO rankings, but having a podcast isn’t a guarantee that you will have an audience. You need to implement the above strategies to boost your audience.

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