10 Tools You Need For Social Media Marketing Expert

The 10 Most Essential Tools You Need As a Social Media Marketing Expert

You have probably come across articles or business consultants that try to explain to you how social media platforms could be beneficial to your brand. You may have actually embarked on a campaign journey for your brand on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to mention a few.

The number of shares generated by your social media counter can become very exciting, and the thought of these numbers constantly rising can also become addictive. This is an application that tracks social statistics. It tracks your shares, likes and follows on popular social media platforms. FlapIt is among the various social media counters available in the market today.


Businesses are using several social media platforms to promote their brands as they target the market provided by the billions of users on these platforms. As you rejoice on the rise in popularity of your brand, it is also important to employ the following tools in digital marketing, as recommended by experts.


This tool directs you to your audience. It does an analysis of your data and gives you a statistics of the kind of population that has shown interest in your posts. How useful is this? Well, with the information you get you can now be able to design posts that will impact them most.

That piece of information comes in handy when building rapport with the right people, which is part and parcel of the success of social media marketing.


Products that are appealing to the eye tend to sell more. You can actually attest to that. We seem to pay more attention to something that is captivating. One with graphic designing prowess will be at an advantage. This, however, does not mean all is lost for those who are not good at it.

Making use of Canva to come up with the best images to use in your content could be the only thing you need to increase the effectiveness of your social marketing.


Searching for businesses, names or pictures on Instagram can prove to be extremely tedious. However, with Mulpix, you can easily find names, videos or pictures by just using comments or tags. The amazing thing about this is that you can connect with your clients simply by using previous comments or tags made by them. Note that Mulpix is a tool that is basically a search engine for Instagram that comes at no extra cost.


BuzzSumo will help you with being aware of what exactly your target market wants. How so? This tool gives you an access to top posts made by your competitors and the feedback they also get from the market. This information will help you produce content that the market is actually anticipating. Remember that you have several competitors on the platform you are using targeting the same market, same as your brand. In as much as you are monitoring the competition’s moves and use them to strategize your own, upholding authenticity is equally important.

5.Social Clout

Social media marketing is not just about what will be presented by different social media metrics tools. You need to have deep insight into the response your posts are getting on different platforms. Social Clout does it for you. It is effective in helping you to prepare a marketing plan. The main function of the tool is to keep track of return on investment of social media.


Feedly is just what you need if you want to stay ahead of the trend in your industry. Feedly will help you organize all the contents that have been shared by the pages and blogs that you are interested in. Additionally, the fact that it integrates different tools like Buffer and Hoot suite to  saves on time that you would have otherwise used in going through posts to find good and relevant content. Staying on the loop regarding what others post will help you in arranging your own content and informed of the trends in the industry. Knowledge is power!


What Edgar does is keep a queue of what you intend to post. It also brings together aged posts and schedules them for posting later. Edgar as a tool is beneficial in the sense that you will be able to remain active on the platforms without having to commit the much required time and effort. Although Edgar only supports Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, it is a tool that you would definitely need to have. The beauty of it is that not a single one of your content will be disposed of.


Buffer will make your campaigns very simple, especially if you are new to social media marketing. With Buffer, you can be able to share content to several platforms by just using one central dashboard. Its interface is user-friendly and its features easy to navigate, which makes it an essential tool in the event that you are not very familiar with social media marketing.


Social media marketing can prove to be more indulging than one may presume. Getting everything to run while you are still attempting to get customers can become an impossible task. This is where Socedo comes in. Socedo will generate and engage leads for you as you handle other tasks.

10.Rocket Fuel

What Rocket Fuel does is use a feature called moment scoring to evaluate user data and uses it to gauge the likelihood of an audience responding to your ads then uses the data to determine where and when to post your advertisements hence your promotional efforts will be more objective.

With this knowledge, you can now to employ one or more of the tools for your digital marketing campaigns on social media. In as much as it may cost you, it will all be worth the time and effort you will be able to save. More so, your social media counter will be projecting satisfactory results without much hassle.

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