HD Wallpapers For Laptop

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Wallpapers For Laptop

Wallpapers for laptops gives the best awesome quality to the desktop with a single look. Wallpapers changes the look of a laptop and attracts the users too. The best hd wallpapers for laptop are listed out here, these are the top wallpaper for laptop which are of HD clarity. Hd clarity itself results how amazing a pic will be. To the laptop who are in search of the best wallpaper hd we are providing free wallpaper for laptop. Also get the best good morning images with flowers from here, as the early morning images makes us happy. 





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Hope that you have enjoyed with the awesome best wallpapers hd you can download these wallpapers for free, all these are popular high definition clarity wallpapers which you can upload on your devices and you can also name it with a best cute caption for picture. if you have any queries regarding download of the best wallpaper for laptop feel free to comment!!!!!.....

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Hay Day For PC/Laptop Free Download

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Hayday for PC

Hayday PC is a farming game developed by the supercell, where a farming is done on the android device like the olden days of farm. This game is a available for the Andriod Smartphones on the google play store and also for the iOS devices in the iTunes app store but if you want to play hayday on PC then definitely you need to download hayday game on PC. This game has got the good review and rating so if you are also particular on hayday game for PC then just follow this simple guide for free download hayday for PC.

Hayday game makes you to enjoy the life of a farmer who is aware of modern technology of farming. Here you need to feed your cattle's to get milk and meat. You can grow sugarcane and produce sugar from your farm, sell all your products in the near by market and earn maximum of money. This game has high graphic quality that looks great with the excellent sound.

Hayday Download

Hayday PC download can be done using to methods, you can download hayday apk file and install or you can get it using Bluestacks. Follow the below process for hayday download PC.

Method I: Hayday download APK file

Hayday game can be downloaded easily using the APK file. you can free downloaded hayday apk from here.

After downloading install it on your PC with the required settings.

Method II: Hayday download using Bluestacks

First download the bluestacks on your PC from here.

Install the bluestacks and check for search box, type hayday in the search box and click on Install that's it. You will get the hayday on your PC.

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Hope that you have successfully installed hayday on PC, if you any queries regarding hayday for pc free download, feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Watch 3D Movies Using VLC PLayer On PC

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       How to Watch 3D Movies On VLC

3D movies is a three dimensional motion pictures which are the most interesting to watch on the big screens, but now to watch a 3D movie no need to pay high amount, you can now watch movies on computer using a media player VLC. VLC is one of the most amazing media player it is widely used and supports for all types of video and audio formats like MPEG, MP3, MP4, FLV, WMV, MKV, OGG, WAV etc and many more formats. But many of us dont know how to watch 3D movies using vlc. So check out this post to watch 3D films on pc.

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Many people use VLC media player but they dont know about a feature that allows us to watch 3d motions and contents on player. On this you can easily download and watch a 3d film but it supports only Red and Cyan 3d viewing. So just see the simple tutorial on how to download and watch 3d movies on pc and laptop.

How to Watch 3D Movies in PC Using VLC

Follow the step by step process to watch movies on PC mainly 3D movies using VLC Player. 

----->First you need to download a 3D movie that should be in SBS (Side- By-Side) format, which you can get by using a torrent download or movie downloading website.
----->Now open your VLC media player, in that open the movie file which you have downloaded, open the 3D movie in the player.   
----->In the player select on Tools, and then choose Effects and Filters option from the menu.
----->Now click on the Video Effects tab, in the video effects click on the Advanced tab option.
----->In the Advanced tab, select on Anaglyph 3D option, which will be at the right hand side. 
----->Thats it now you have successfully completed all the settings, just put your 3D glases and watch the movie.
Hope that you have got how to watch 3D movies in vlc for all smartphones have the android 4.4.4 os and android 4.4 os, before doing this process ensure that you download a new and latest vlc for pc install the vlc pc and then continue to watch movies on pc. If you have any queries regarding how to watch 3d movies on pc or computer, feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Play Game and Get Free 100rs Recharge

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    Play Game on Android and Get Free Recharge

Android games are the most popular games which we are playing, in fact these games are becoming more addictive now a days, rather than playing a game and crossing the levels and sharing, you can play the game which gives you a top up free money for your mobile recharge. With this you can get a maximum of 100rs recharge and a minimum of 25rs recharge. The more levels you play will give you more amount of money. The thing you need to do is to cross the levels. 

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This game is meant for android devices it is called as Windrop. Windrop earns you money for recharge. This app is available for free download. 

How to get Free Recharge

----->First Download the game. For android smart phones free download windrop app from here. 

----->Now install the game and start playing. 
----->Try to Get the best score on the game so that you may get 100rs recharge.
----->This game is designed with three levels.
----->For each level a different mobile recharge is given, which you can see below.
----->Once you complete the levels, turn ON your mobile data and type in your phone number.
----->Now select your mobile subscriber or operator and select the recharge top up. 
----->Now get your mobile recharge which is successfully done.

Recharges for Levels:
  • If You Select Easy level, Then You Get Rs.25 For Scoring 100 Points.
  • If You Select Medium level, Then You Get Rs.50 For Scoring 100 Points.
  • If You Select Hard level, Then You Get Rs.100 For Scoring 100 Points.
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Note: This service is available in India only and this game a bit typical to play.
Hope that you have got an app which on playing gives you recharge. If you have any queries regarding this windrop app feel free to comment!!!!!..... 
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Best Apps To Increase Battery Life of Your Android Smartphone

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Increase Smartphone Battery Life

Best battery life smartphone increases the life of a cell phone but many of us mainly have the question how to increase battery life of android, for that many apps have been designed as the battery saver app. Now a days each new model of smartphones have been launching with different battery sizes, so to protect or insist a battery is a major issue, in this case the apps for android are introduced to save the battery life.

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Smartphone with best battery life is elegant, best smartphone has a high quality camera and best pic quality, HD videos with all these features the power consumption will be more which in turn consumes battery and reduces the life span of a device, to avoid these best apps to increase android phones battery life are presented here. Here are the list of the top battery saver apps for android.

DU Battery Saver

DU apps is the worlds most trusted apps of iOS and Android devices, this is the worlds leading battery saver and power doctor and manager of android smartphones, its a free battery saving app that allows your battery to last long. You can have a savings of 50% more battery life than the older. It has a smart pre-set power management mode, healthy charge stage features and solves battery problems. For free download du battery saver click here.

----->Optimize button to instantly solve and find the battery problems. 
----->Uses the preset power management mode to get the high performance and great energy savings.
----->Convinent to use its easy and powerful.

Juice Defender Battery Saver

 Juice Defender is a powerful easy to use battery manager app. It simply extends the battery life by managing the battery draining components like 3G, WiFi etc. The modes are perfectly stabilized and easily gain the precious hours of battery life with a literal easy one tap. Juice defender has 3 profiles which are used to improve battery life. Balanced profile with fully automatic and balanced and aggressive profiles used to increase the battery at critical times. For free download juice defender click here.

----->Battery saver can be easily manageable with mobile data, wifi, cpu speed to reduce power consumption.
----->Runs at full capacity when you need it and dont when you doesn't require.
----->Mobile data toggle automation, with 2 home screen widgets.

Battery Defender

Battery defender is a mobile app that has a huge number of options with free of cost. It has a exact battery percentage which displays us in the notification bar, so every time it notifies with the battery percentage. It has a quick access to the GPS, WiFi, bluetooth etc and the very interesting feature is it has the sync option that occurs for every 15min which is a genius scan it helps when we kept our mobile on and feel asleep. For free download battery defender click here.

----->It automatically disables the wifi and data connection when you off the screen.
----->When the battery is running out it will disable the data networks and wifi connectivity.
----->Quiet sleep function when the screen is off disables all the power components.  
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Hope that you have got to save smartphone battery life. Cell phone battery life is the major thing which distracts the device faster. So to save the android battery life you can use the apps to reduce power consumption. If you have any queries regarding phone battery life feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Locate Android Phone Even on Silent Mode

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        Find Android Smartphone Even on Silent Mode

Android smartphones are most probably using by the millions of people because of its emerging popularity. Many of us use the smartphones and analyzes the settings inbuilt in it. The most common thing which each and every one of us using is the Silent Mode. Generally when we go for a movie or when we attend a seminar we keep the mobile in the silent mode and keep that else where in the surroundings and forgets about the device. In that situation we just gets frustrated while searching for the mobile and when we dial the number it rings but no sound will be heard to us. In this case we cant afford to trace a smartphone, so a simple app is discovered for the android smartphone users to locate the device in silent mode.

Here is the amazing app called as Ring My Droid which fixes our problem. This is one of the best app for an Android Phone which you can get the device on silent mode. This Ring My Droid app has an SMS triggered alarm function, which gives a full volume of alarm when a particular key message is sent to the device. So lets see the in detail guide to find my android phone in silent mode.

Step by Step Process to Find Android Phone

This process ultimately gives the trick to locate android phone on silent option. Follow the simple procedure for how to find my android phone.
----->First step is to download the Ring my Droid app on your smartphone. For free download click here.

----->Install the app on your smartphone, this app is of 402k size so ensure to have the minimum space on your device for installation.

----->Once the installation is completed open your app and you will see the screen like this.

----->Now set your key phrase, this key is sensitive so when your lost device you need to enter this key. Type the key phrase and click on Set button.
----->You can give any kind of the key phrase as ur wish, now check for the settings of the app. Go to app settings and enable Ring when lost and Vibrate when lost.

----->To check this app keep the device in silent mode and send message to mobile from another smartphone with the entered key phrase, then see whether your mobile will give an alarm with full volume.
----->Once your device is found, then to stop the alarm click on the button Found Phone, then only the alarm will stop.

----->Thats it your Ring My Droid app is successfully installed and is working.  
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Hope that you have got how to find my android phone when on silent mode, you can even trace mobile using android phone locator but its a bit difficult to do rather than going for tracing a device when in silent mode you can simply use this app. If you have any queries regarding installation of Ring My Droid app, feel free to comment!!!!!.....  
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How To Submit a Website to Google, Yahoo/Bing

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  Submit Site To Google, Yahoo/Bing

Are you a Blogger? Have you owned a website or blog, is it indexed by the search engine or not, if not then whats the use of blogging. For any  blogger the main requirement is to get huge traffic which can be done only when your site appears in the search engine. In order to appear in the search engine your site your site must be indexed. So for any blogger if you start a blog or site you must submit your blog to search engines.

There are many web search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, Baidu, Aol, Excite, Lycos etc, among those the top search engines are Google and Yahoo/Bing. Many users are using these top search engines, so if we submit our website or url to these, then obviously the search results will be more. So let us see how to submit a site to google, yahoo/bing.   

Submit Website to Google

----->First Go to the Google submission page, where google adds new sites to get indexed. Visit link.
----->Now you will find the page like this.

----->Now copy and paste the website link.
----->Type the captcha and Click on Submit Request. Thats it your website will be added to google.

Submit Site to Bing

----->First go to the Bing Submission page to submit a site. Visit link.
----->Now You will see the below page.

----->Type the Url of your home page with http://
----->Enter the captcha correctly and click on Submit. Your site will be added to bing. 

Submit Url to Google

If you want to submit a particular url to the google in case you wrote a post related to the current issue then obviously you must make the url to appear in the search results for that you can submit url to google to get indexed quickly. Visit link.
----->Check out the below image.

----->Now in the web, Click Add Your Url. Paste your url and click on submit. 

Bing Submit Url

----->To submit url to bing, then go to 
----->Sign in with microsoft account.
----->This submission is same for the Yahoo and Bing, once you submit a site to bing search results it also appears in the yahoo search results.
----->Submit Url.
Hope that you have got how to submit a site to google and bing search engines, you can directly register site with google using the webmaster tools. If you have queries regarding submit your site to google or bing add url, feel free to comment!!!!!....

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Best Android emulator For PC

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Android Emulator For PC

Android apps and games are more popular now a days many of us intent to play these games on the smartphones as well as on PC. But in order to play these games on PC, we require the best android emulator. There are many android emulators for pc which acts as an PC app to get the Android games and apps on our PC. Now a days many of games of windows phone and iOS are also becoming popular and are emerging to the android 4.4 smartphones, from these smartphones its usage is even developed to the PC or computers. So for the PC game lovers we are providing the free android emulators. These android emulator for pc download are also available here.

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So check out the best emulators for android from here, these android emulator for pc free download is also available, first you may preferring downloading the bluestacks android emulator for pc. 

Bluestacks Android Emulator

Bluestacks is an Android emulator app, its a free to use software which completely offers each and every feature that is needed to play the android apps and games right now on the pc or computer. It is user interface and completely makes the person using an android phone on the pc. In this bluestacks each and every game as well as app is present to install on pc. It follows a simple procedure for the installation, once the software is installed you can download unlimited number of games and apps.

For free download bluestacks app player on pc click here.

Youwave Android Emulator

Youwave is an another emulator that is an option for the alternative of bluestacks. With this android app emulator for pc we can get the games and apps for free. Its a simple to use software that can be installed with in seconds. You will not have any troubleshooting during installation this android emulator on pc, it is best to download high MB file games. It supports for android new versions and runs on the windows xp, vista and other new versions.

For free download youwave android emulator for pc click here.

Android Emulator Andy

Andy the android emulator runs all the communication apps on your pc and plays all the favourite games. It runs the apps like viber, wechat, snapchat on the desktop. It simply uses the smartphones as an remote control to play the game and provides a synchronization between the mobile and desktop devices. It contacts the windows and Mac with the android apps for launching, push notifications and storage. Brings all your favorite communication and entertainment. 

For free download Andy emulator app for pc click here.

Hope that you have got the best android emulator for pc, these android emulators are available for free download, you can directly download them and install on your pc, with these android emulators you can download all the apps and games which are interested to you. If you have any queries regarding these best android emulators for pc,  feel free to comment on this post!!!!!....
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Recent Comments Widget for Blogger

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Recent Comments Widget

Recent Comments widget is used to display the latest comments of a post in a blog. Comments are actually the best communication way to make contacts with the blog visitors and followers. This recent comments widget will inspire your visitors on your blog and makes them feel to comment also. This widget displays the name of the person who commented on which post and the content of comment. After each comment it will show some space or a line for differentiating comments.

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In this you can change the way the code displays and also the number of widgets or posts can be changed. Even you can display the picture of those who commented. By using this code we will get the images of those who commented on circles. So check the guide for free widget of recent comments for blogger. This can also be used for the wordpress.

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How to Add Recent Comments Widget

Follow the step by step procedure to get the recent comments widget.
----->First Sign in to Blogger Dashboard.
----->Go to Layout and select Add a Gadget.


----->Click on HTML/Java script from the list. You can check the below image.

----->Now give the title as Recent Comments and copy and paste the below code there.

 <style type="text/css">
    .w2b_recent_comments li{background:none !important;margin:0 0 6px !important;padding:0 0 6px 0 !important;display:block;clear:both;overflow:hidden;list-style:none;}
    .w2b_recent_comments li .avatarImage{padding:3px;background:#fefefe;-webkit-box-shadow:0 1px 1px #ccc;-moz-box-shadow:0 1px 1px #ccc;box-shadow:0 1px 1px #ccc;float:left;margin:0 6px 0 0;position:relative;overflow:hidden;}
    .w2b_recent_comments li img{padding:0px;position:relative;overflow:hidden;display:block;}
    .w2b_recent_comments li span{margin-top:0px;color: #000;display: block;line-height: 1.4;}
<script type="text/javascript">
    // Recent Comments Settings
 numComments  = 5,
 showAvatar  = true,
 avatarSize  = 50,
 roundAvatar = true,
 characters  = 30,
 showMorelink = false,
 moreLinktext = "More &#187;",
 defaultAvatar  = "http://www.gravatar.com/avatar/?d=mm",
 hideCredits = true;

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://bloggerblogwidgets.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/w2b-recent-comments-w-gravatar.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://your-blog-address.com/feeds/comments/default?alt=json&amp;callback=w2b_recent_comments&amp;max-results=5"></script><div><a style=" font-size:9px; color:#3B78CD; text-decoration:none;href="http://goo.gl/y2Ruo"> Get This</a>

----->Now replace it with your blog name. Click on save.
Thats it now you will get the recent comments widget on your blog with different design styles of images. This article is meant for the new bloggers to add top random widgets. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment.
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