How To Download Torrent Files with IDM for free

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Download Torrent Files with IDM - Torrent to IDM

Torrent is one of the fast meta search engine which allows us to download the TV shows, serials, movies, MP3 music, songs etc. Torrents downloads very big files for games and videos, many of the links are available in this site. It provides the full files but the speed of this is a bit low. While seeding the files, because of some low seeders it gives low speed. To obtain the fast speed here's a trick for us to download the torrent with IDM-Torrent to IDM. 

Actually torrent is a file with .torrent extension that simply allows us to download many files as free downloader. In this irrespective of file size an item can be downloaded. We will send torrents from a number of internet websites. The sending rate for these torrents mainly depends on the seeds they have. It makes a bit critical to someone to download files with minimum or zero seed counts. So we are using to download torrent with idm ie idm downloader its a free download manager. 

Tricks to increase download speed in IDM

We all know IDM Internet download maneger is worth to download torrent files with the better speed. IDM is the fast file transfer in the web existing now. So now let's us see how to download torrent files with IDM. Using idm free download. 

ZBIGZ Torrents to IDM

The first thing you need to do is to download the torrent file which you want like a movie file or a song file. Some of the most famous torrents sites to download a file are, isohunt etc. 

Step by step procedure to download torrent with IDM using ZBIGZ

----->First step is to visit the ZBIGZ home page. To visit the site click on below. 

----->Now you will find an option of torrent upload. Click on that and upload your required .torrent file and click on GO.
----->It shows of caching your file, more over it takes some time to do.
----->After the completion of caching your file, click on the button Transfer for downloading the file.
----->Now the free idm i.e. idm free download full version will be installed on your device.
----->Torrent file will now be downloaded via the idm free. 
Further if you don't have the idm software free download then it will automatically be downloaded via the browsers default download manager. Hope that now you got how to download torrent file with idm speed using internet download accelerator. If you have any queries regarding this article feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Clash of clans hack download

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    Clash of Clans Hack Cheat Codes

Clash of clans is an amazing game where the fight against the opposition takes place. This is an exceptional popular game which is available for the iOS and Android platforms. In this strategy you need to build your own town and that you can expand, but to do this you must spend lots of time for gathering the resources, extra points and collecting the gems. This game can be played in the Apple devices and also in facebook. So by using the working crack tricks, the unlimited resources can be obtained. The most essential things for winning clash of clans game depends on the gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems.

So to get unlimited coins, Elixir or gems you can use our tool. It is working on all android smartphones and tablets and in this no root is required. Cheat clash of clans hack was actually created by the professionals which is user friendly and easy to use.

Step by step process to get clash of clans hack free 

----->First you need to go to the online hack for clash of clans. Click here on the download button. 

----->Now you can see the clash of clans resources generator.
----->Type your clash of clans game name there and select the amount of gold to generate.
----->To select the gold you need to select the line which is given below.
----->The maximum of gold given will be 100000 each day.
----->Then similarly select the amount for elixir and also gems.  For both the elixir and gems the maximum amount is 100000 for one day.
----->After selecting click on the generate button. Now the amount will be added to your game. 

Features of Clash of Clans

Through the clash of clans hack cheat you will get the following things
--->Clash of clans unlimited coins to play.
--->Unlimited Elixir for free.
--->Gems unlimited will be provided.
--->This free clash of clans hack is 100% virus free and safe to use.
--->User friendly interface.
Hope that now you got how to get clash of clans hack cheats. With this cheats you will get unlimited coins, gems, elixir to build your city more stronger. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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How to Run Android on Windows mobiles

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      Run Android on your windows smartphone

Android is one of the top most operating systems, which is ruling the mobile world now a days. Android is arising with new version from android 2 to android 5.0 even Android 4.4.4, each of its version has its own capability. Many of the mobile users are addicted to the Android, if you are a windows user then you can shift to the Android by using the trick to run android on your mobile. 

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You may be sure while running this procedure in your windows mobile. Actually many of the apps have been arised only for the Android users, those apps are not compatible with the other operating systems, this mainly leads the users to run the android on windows.

Requirements to run Android on windows

  • To run Android you require a micro SD card.
  • Check that your SD card is not SDHC (below 2GB cards), Better to choose a HC label Card.
  • A computer to connect the SD Card.

Step by Step Process to Install Android on Windows Mobile

----->First connect the microSD card to the computer and format it using FAT32. To format the card, right click on it and choose format select Quick Format.
Make sure that your card does not contain any important files. 
----->After formatting the card, choose the Android version you need to install in your mobile, as well as select the port that suits your android version in your mobile. 
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Once you find the right port for your mobile, extract the files to your folder using 7-zip. Click here to get the files.
----->Select the files that suits your windows mobile, after the files are extracted, there will be a folder called andboot. Go to andboot folder and search for the startup config or startup, open this you will find the startup.txt file for your phone. Select the exact file that suits your phone based on your mobile hardware and screen size. 

----->Once you have selected correct startup.txt file, copy the entire  andboot folder to your SDcard. Now connect the SDcard to your mobile and open the file browser on your mobile and select the memory card. 
Better to plug your phone to charge because some mobiles may hang during this process.
----->Open the andboot folder and run haret.exe file, if your process is correct then you will see run button. Click on it and then a loading screen will appear and then Android starts Up. 

----->While the mobile is booting you will see a android logo there.Now your screen will appear with the android version, probably this may take a several minutes, so be patient to do this. If a dialogue box appears saying sorry and asks you to Force close then select WAIT option. 
After this do the settings for your mobile like changing the language, syncs info, contacts. Now your windows mobile will be the Android version. You can install all the android apps and enjoy. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Clash of Clans PC Free download for Windows xp,7,8,8.1 or MAC

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      Clash Of Clans for PC

Clash of Clan is a popular iPhone/iPad/Android game created by supercell. Its been available internationally in the iTunes store and Google play store. This clash of clans game is really an embarrassing game which is now ruling the game world. Many of the online gaming users are worth fully showing the interest on this game. Although this game is Free-to-play, but in addition to this in behalf of the game currency, it can be purchased for the real money from the stores in App purchases. In this all the features of the game are open to the players, this amazing game will be more interested if we download it on the desktop. So we have initiated this clash of clans on computer, now this game can be played for free in clash of clans PC download. 

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This game of one the top online playing games, almost 90% of the online gaming users are using this game. Firstly this is an Android game and has hit the android versions. Now this game is for free download clash of clans for PC.

How to play clash of clans on PC

----->Clash of clans is a strategy game where players will construct and expands the village, also unlocks the powerful warriors and defences from others. 
----->Its a blood game and the hope of this game is to fight against the foes for the survival so that you can develop your city.
----->In this your city is named as the supercell , you need to develop your city so that you will the king of the supercell city.
----->This is a potential game where each warrior will be acted smartly to get their own provision.

How to get Clash Of Clans on PC

Clash of clans is a game of crush, for the windows or MAC users you can get the direct clash of clans for PC download using 2 methods:
This process is same for the clash of clans xp, clash of clans desktop and jugar clash of clans en pc.

Method I: Clash of Clan PC Direct Download

--->First step is to download the clash of clans PC from here. 

--->Install the Apk file in your PC.
--->It will show a windows protection file, click on OK for the installation.
--->You can directly install and create a short cut icon for better use. If there is any error for the windows not accepting the file then use the bluestacks method to get clash of clans PC.

Method II: Clash of Clans PC version using Bluestacks

--->First step is to download the Android Emulator app called Bluestacks from here for free.

--->Install the App and run it on your PC.
--->Open the Bluestacks app after installation and search for the tool box.
--->Type Clash of Clans on the search tools and then you will get app, simply install it and run on your PC.

Hope that now you got how to download clash of clans for computer. Even you can play this in online as clash of clans online PC or clash of clans no PC. If you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to comment we will respond to you quickly!!!!!.....
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Tricks to make Whatsapp Free for lifetime-100% working

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How to get Whatsapp for Free

Whatsapp is a mobile app which is the most trending free instant messaging service. Unlike other apps like wechat, viber, messengers, whatsapp have a unique feature that really attracts most of the people, but this mobile application is not available for free. We need to pay 0.99$ every time for the renewal, in behalf of this am providing a trick to get the whatsapp free for life time, this is very useful for the users even there is no gap of the whatsapp renewal like there is not much time spent to retrieve the account. 
Actually many countries are paying for the whatsapp account, a revenue of almost 0.99$ is being paid for it by some countries. So here are some tips and tricks of whatsapp account for free usage. 

Method I

----->First install the whatsapp in your android smartphone and open it.
----->Go to Settings and search for Account options and then delete your account by clicking Delete My Account
----->Enter your Mobile number in the blank field and then delete your account. 
----->Now you will be no more in the whatsapp and then create new account in your android mobile.
Thats it now you will get whats app for lifetime.

Method II

Have an Android mobile and a gmail account installed in it along with the whatsapp account. 
----->Once the renewal time is completed, simply uninstall your whatsapp from your cell.
----->Now create a new account of your Gmail. After this visit Google play store.
----->Click on Settings which is at the top right. Go to account settings, replace the old gmail id with the new one. Download whtasapp and create new account. 

This is how you will get the whatsapp free for life time.
Actually this whatsapp messaging service is given free for life time but even though it asks for renewal. The users who have ought it in 2013 will have an idea about this, but now it has been declared for free completely in some countries. We may not be completely sure to have this permanently, so the trick to make whatsapp free for lifetime is given check it. Hope that this article will help to some extent of the whatsapp smartphone users. If you have any queries, feel free to comment!!!!!.....

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Candy Crush Saga game for PC windows 7/8/8.1/xp or Mac Free download

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Candy Crush Saga Game Download 

Candy Crush Saga is a game which is played by many of the people because of its exiciting features. Its an addictive and a puzzle game which we need to solve with a sweet delicious candies. Candy crush saga for android is available on the Google play store also for tablets, iphone and ios devices you can download from the iTunes app store. In candy crush different candies with different colours are shown, In this we need to match the same candies of same colour to get the bigger candy. To match the candies we need to swipe them with our fingers to different directions of right, left, up and down so that perfect matching will be observed. 
Before download candy crush saga for pc i hope you need to know about the features of this game. These features will help you to play the game on pc. If you want to play the game with unlimited lives, Moves and Boosters then it is possible on both the android devices as well as on pc or Facebook with these Candy Crush Cheats.

Candy Crush Saga Game

To play the game candy crush simply have a look at features for more score its Candy crush saga for windows. The features are listed below:
----->In this there are fixed number of moves or fixed time for different levels, so you need to play within this to qualify the levels. More over be perfect and fast to opt more scores and next levels.
----->Better do the skillful matching so that new candies called wrapped, striped, colour bomb etc will arise based on the number of candies. 
----->There are many popular characters like Tiffi, Mr.Toffee, Easter etc will be there for different levels, passing a bunch of levels will give you a new way and new candies for free. 
----->Candy crush game is having more than 500 levels, by passing each level will gives  you new exitement, its never worth boring.   
----->Keep on updating your app for new features as its look changes we will be more furious to see. The sound quality is excellent and really matches will the game as we play.
Now the Candy crush saga download for pc is available for free. You can also play candy crush saga online.

Candy Crush Saga for PC Free Download

Candy crush saga game free download for pc is available but we need to download a software because this game is not officially kept for PC. Simply follow the step by step procedure to download saga. 
----->First step is to download the Android Emulator software called Bluestacks for free from here. 
----->Open the Bluestacks App and find the search tool, type candy crush saga there and check for the game.


----->As soon as you find the game click on the install button and it will directly downloads the game to your PC.
Hope that now you got how to download candy crush saga for PC. This is same for the "candy crush saga for windows phone". If you have any queries regarding candy crush saga for pc download, feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Tricks to recover deleted files on Android

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      How to recover deleted files on Android

Have you ever deleted some files on your smartphones unexpectedly, if you think your files are much more important then dont worry, here's a trick to recover deleted files on android or android kitkat. With this trick you can get back your deleted data like messages, contacts, audio files, video files, notes, pictures, graphics, wall papers, themes etc and many more which have lost while accessing. Here we will guide you with some apps and softwares that can give back your lost data. Now you can recover deleted files android with a simple process. 

There are many methods and apps to recover the deleted files, but the best probable methods are android data recovery and potato recover share. Using these you can get back your files without any charges or without any harm to your device.
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Method I: Android data recovery software

Many of the top most companies helps in android recovery deleted files and provides the rooting techniques to get the backup of the device. Using many applications the android data recovery app was emerged and frequently its being called as the Data Recovery Machine for Android, its the top and best app for recovering deleted files from android smartphones and tablets. Android Data recover machine mainly recovers the following:
Android videos, sms, images, contacts, pdf files, word files.

Step by Step process for how to recover deleted files on android 

----->First step you need to do is to download android data recovery software for free. To download the recovery software click on the below link.
----->After downloading the software to recover deleted files, you need to install the file in PC.
----->Later on connect your device to PC and Enable Debugging Mode in your Android device. Go to settings and select Applications and click on Development. Now USB debugging enables.
----->Connect your device to PC and open the installed file in PC, wait until the software recognizes the device.
----->Once the device is detected, click on the Start Button to start the scanning. In the process of scanning your device will ask you for permissions, click on Allow in your phone.
----->Once the software has completed the process, it will show many files on the screen, in those some files are marked with red colour, those are the deleted files inorder to recover those files select them you can select multiple files and click on RECOVER button
Now the recovered files will arise and this process will take some time based on the memory. 

Method II: Potatoshare-Recover Deleted files Android

Potatoshare is a software which is used to retrieve deleted files, this emerging company has provided the professional softwares for Android, Windows, iOS to recover the deleted files. Using this software we can even recover deleted photos from android with in a second. 

Step by Step process for how to recover deleted files

----->First step is to download android data recovery software by potatoshare, to download the recovery software potatoshare click on the below link.

----->Now Enable the USB debugging mode as same in the above steps in your android phone.
----->Simply connect the mobile to PC and now you will see the options 
Scan contacts, call history and messages
Scan photos, videos and other files
----->If you want to restore contacts or call log or sms click on the first option or else to restore pics, videos select secong option, in case if you require the whole select two options in the check box and then click on the START button.
----->After the process has started based on the memory, it will take time and later on it will display the deleted files in tabs which are different. Now select the files which you want to restore and then click on the Recover button, after some time the deleted files will be recovered on your Android device.
Hope that now you have got the answers to the questions "how to recover a deleted file","how to restore deleted files" and "how to retrieve deleted files". With this you can do the process by your own and if you have any queries regarding this post, feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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Best Method to Root Android phone without pc/computer

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Simple way to Root Android without PC/Computer

How to root my phone or root phone is the common question where every one searches and also for easy root android. Android is an operating system which is used by many of the smartphones but these does not have the complete access for the device, so to have the complete root access rooting has emerged. Rooting is a simple procedure which crosses its limitations and gets the full access to the operating system. There are many tricks to root a device. But a typical question may arise "how to root android without computer". This post gives a clear picture to that question and also you will get the simple ways to root android without PC.
Before knowing how to root android, you must know some terms to get the full idea about root my android. In this rooting there is no effect on the memory and more over you can use the latest android operating systems like android kitkat 4.4.4 or android 4.4 kitkat with the root. We can even increase the smartphone processing speed by customizing the ROM. Or else even if you root your device it speed increases in some cases. 

Root Android without PC/Computer

The Best way to root software for android is the Framaroot, its a simple smartphone app which can root all the android devices without any computers/pc.  Actually this app was developed from the XDA forums, which installs SU binary for mobiles. This framaroot app supports android 2 to android 4.2 versions. 
----->First download free framaroot app from here, its a app to download root for android. Click here on the below button.

----->After downloading the app, move it into the internal memory in a folder.
----->In case if you have downloaded the file into a computer, then you need to move the apk file to your smartphone, you may use android pc software.
----->After moving the APK framaroot file, install the particular apk file. While installation it will ask for an action after root, in that choose superuser.
Select an action to execute after root

Install Superuser
Select an exploit
Aragorn  Gandalf
----->You can select any one of the exploit in the application of your choice. After selection wait for some time until the installation gets completed. Later you will get a success message on the display indicating that rooted app is successfully installed.
Success... Superuser and Su binary installed
----->Now reboot the system to complete the process of Rooting Android.

Using Universal Androot to root without pc:

Androot is the simple app that will be helpful in rooting the android mobile by downloading and installing the app without using the pc or computer. To get the android app on pc first go to settings option and select the application option. Download this app and install it. 
Android root supports these Google GI, HTC Magic, HTC Tattoo, HTC Hero, Motorola Milestone, Motorola ME511, Motorola XT701, Motorola XT800, Motorola Charm, Motorola Droid, Sony Ericsson X10 Mini, Mini Pro and X10, Acer Liquid, Acer beTouch E400, Samsung Galaxy Beam and Galaxy 5, Lenovo Lephone, Vibo A688, LG GT540, Gigabyte GSmart G1305

Using this tutorial you now got how to root software for android, in case if you have a doubt whether your device is rooted or not, then you can verify it by using the checker app its for free and no need to pay any bugs for it you just click on the below root check. 
                               "Root Checker"
Click on the Root checker to check whether your android device is rooted or not. Better to check in this before proceeding on to the next. Once you have any thing wrong, then do the root checker again.  

Advantages of Android rooting 

  • One of the biggest advantage of rooting your Android device is having free and sufficient internal memory. Many of us struggle with the low internal memory but by rooting the phone you can transfer any apps from the internal memory to the SD card which saves your memory. 
  • With Android Root you can be able to use the latest and current Android operating system, by rooting the Android device it will provide you with the option to set up any future and current operating system. 
  • Root without PC makes you to customise ROM. It increases the speed and processing ability of your smartphone and modify the entire options. 
  • You can run various especially apps by rooting your phone this would easily install the variety apps that are compatible with the rooted smartphones. If an app is not installed then you can root your Android device and then install the app. 

Hope now you got the simplest method to root a mobile, this is applicable for all the operating systems of mobiles, even for rooting android tablet you can use the same above procedure. If you have any queries regarding the rooting comment below and share with us!!!!!..... 
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Top Best Virus Removal Tools 2016

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     Free Virus Removal Tools

Virus Removal Tools are used to remove the injected malware into your computers, laptops or Smartphones. Here are some of the best working Virus removal tools, when your system is infected and your Antivirus softwares are probably not working or they cant detect the malware or when its blocked, in such conditions we cant leave our system and we require a quick assistance to fix our problem. For such situations most of the companies have evolved the online virus remover irrespective of developing the professional softwares. These online tools are emerged with security and quick virus cleaning. 
So lets have some best free virus removal tools to upgrade our system. 

McAfee Stinger

McAfee Stinger is one of the top virus removing tools which is updated regularly and is available as a online virus scanner. It simply detects and removes the specific viruses as it gets daily updates it removes a long list of viruses under a threat. In fact it acts as an administrator while dealing with the infected systems. Its one among those tools that separate 32 bit and 64 bit versions. Scans processes, registry, boot sectors for tough threats. In this mcafee free download full version it is seperately available for both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. For mcafee antivirus free download click here. 
 To Repair and replace damaged antivirus or for McAfee updates free download click here. 

This McAfee is suitable for windows 7,8,xp and mac users.
----->Detects over 6,000 viruses, trojans and variants, including rootkits.
----->Stinger has targeted fake alert threats, a form of scareware. 

Bit Defender 60-second virus scanner

Bit Defender virus scanner is made to scan to detect PC virus, it operates as a full system scan with in a minute, its an online virus scanner. In this the software is designed to perform the scanning in the background and with a cloud based scanning so that it keeps on updating with the threats found.
----->Includes several protection and performance enhancements such as Search Advisor, Performance Optimizer.
----->Bitdefender products feature anti-virus and anti-spyware, improved Detection, personal firewall, vulnerability scanner, privacy control, user control etc. This bitdefender is mainly for the online virus scanner.For free download bit defender virus tool click here.

The torjan remover is applicable same for the bitdefender for windows and mac. Using these antispyware tools the torjan virus or computer virus can be removed completely. using these tools, we may also proceed as the website virus scanners. Among many virus scanner tools, the bit defender and mcafee are the best online virus scanners. Hope that now you got an information about the antivirus online removing tools. For any queries comment below. Keep on visiting our site for more updates!!!!!.....

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Norton Antivirus Free download 6 months product key/serial number

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Norton Antivirus Free Download

Norton is an Antivirus which is developed by the symantec group, that provides the protection during a particular period. It mainly includes the prevention of virus and email spams etc. Actually Norton antivirus was running on windows 7/8/8.1 xp and Mac OS X like the other antivirus kaspersky key. This Antivirus is top widely used and trusted antivirus that provides the powerful protection against viruses, spyware, worms, bots and malicious softwares. In this software 5 layers of protection exists, all these work simultaneously to block the attacks, detect and remove the threats before they infect a pc or computer. More over all these happens with a fast speed and perfomance without disturbing your accessing. 
Norton Antivirus is now merged with new capabilities that can repair windows system files that have been broken or attacked by malware. In this SONAR behavioral based protection engine is also improved so that it discovers the virus and shutdowns the malware in the windows processes. In addition to this SONAR clean up technology helps in the clean up of  malware and makes the system to begin with its original state. You can get the step by step process of norton antivirus from here.
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Norton Antivirus Free Download 180 days Full version key

Norton Antivirus is generally a paid antivirus which gives only a norton antivirus free trial of about 30 days. After this we need to buy the license key, if you dont like it then here is the promotion offer to get the Norton antivirus license key that protects you for 180 days/ 6 Months.
-Download the Norton Antivirus 2014 for 180 days with online installer. Click here. 

--->This Antivirus is loaded with 6 months security and Norton Antivirus product key inbulit. So there is no other requirement of the product key only in this version.Only in this version it consists of Norton Antivirus key and Antivirus license key.
--->Double click on the downloaded setup file, it will start installation. After installation a registration screen appears and asks your email id for activation. 
--->Enter the email address and create a new Norton account. And this account is meant only for once and for new users only. If you dont get with your email id simply create another.
--->Type the mail id and click on "Next button". Now you have successfully registered for Norton Antivirus 2014. You can access with this software for 6 months for free.
If you dont have the internet connection or has the less downloading speed then you can download Norton Antivirus 2014 from here. 

The installation for this is also same as above. Hope now you got how to get Norton internet security 2014 free download. This is for Norton Antivirus for Mac, Norton Antivirus for Windows. If you have any queries regarding this post feel free to comment me, we will respond to you soon!!!!!.....

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