Best free calling apps for smartphones/Mobiles without Internet

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     Best Free Calling Apps for Phones

Free calling app or free call is an app that are being used by most of the people, using is not an interrupt but to recharge a mobile causes many money interrupts. Now we are using top mobile operators like Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL but these operators charges per call. If use smartphones we can have free calling with Facebook, whatsapp, whatsapp plus, line, we chat etc but these apps require the internet connection. Now am here to give you some tricks for free calling without internet. 

These apps uses the offline calling techniques, that is without the data connections, you can talk for free. Once you just download them you can simply escape from paying high bills to your mobiles. These mobile bills are becoming more and more for the international calls. So to get rid from all of them you can simply download these free apps and can make them use unlimited. Just look at below here is the Best free calling apps to make calls without internet connection. 

Nanu Free calling app

Nanu is the latest app which is designed for the smartphones for free call making, actually it provides free unlimited calling from nanu to nanu on-net and for off-net that is in offline it provides 15min/week free calling. 
With this we can even have a call to the landlines or national calling. Nanu app is basically designed for android phones so it is called as nanu best free apps android, it is in fact a best calling app. Click here to download nanu app for free. 

----->Nanu requires no internet connection. once you download the app you can have the free calling facility. So need of internet each and every time.
----->Works as unlimited free calling even in 2G connectivity.
----->Also works for WiFi connection and this increases balance.
According to the CEO of Nanu, in the later days this app offline calling time increases and also it will be expanded to different countries. Nanu app works for the below listed countries in this post.

FreeKall App free download

FreeKall is one of the top free calling apps for mobiles in the market. This app even does not require a smartphone it can even work with the nokia 1100 mobile, actually this app is based on the cloud-call concept, which is simple to get.
You first need to call to the FreeKall customer service (1800 108 4444)simply give a missed call, they will only call in return and asks you for the receiver customer mobile number, you just give the number and they will divert the call to the receiver. During the time the call gets connected you simply listen the ads on it. FreeKall app for windows phone.
To use this service you need to register your mobile number to the FreeKall website. This service is free now and it provides 5 free mins/week. Hope this limit will be increased soon. 

These best free calling apps to make free calls will be working in the Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Cyprus, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea South, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, United States, Venezuela.
Hope that now you are familiar with best free calling apps for android. If you have any queries with the best calling app please feel free to comment!!!!!.....

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How to Hide Files/folders in Windows 7/8/XP

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How to Hide Files/Folders in Windows

Files and Folders store our secret documents which we need to protect, many users wants to hide their files and folders from others. In case if people are using your pc or laptop their may be a chance of losing your files or data. So for such people who wants to hide their matters requires the step process of Hide files and folders, now am here to tell you a simple trick which you can use to hide files in windows very easily. 

There are several ways for how to hide files on windows 7/8/xp. But the best and safe method is to use the CMD to hide the files. With this many users will get answers to "How to hide a folder in windows 7" and “How to Hide Files in Windows 7 without Software”.

How to Hide Files in Windows 7,8

Here are the free hide folder tricks, its not a tough process, simply follow the below steps to hide files in Windows 7 and windows 8. 
----->First Press "Windows button and R" then a Run command box will appear.
----->Type CMD in the dialogue box and press OK.
----->Assume a name for your folder say suppose "Gudtechtricks" and its in C drive.
----->Type “attrib +s +h C:/Gudtechtricks" in the Command window.
----->Now your folder is saved, if you want you can check in C drive. 

Follow the below steps if you want to un-hide files in windows 7 and 8.

From the RUN box, open CMD.
After opening in terms of “attrib +s +h C:/Gudtechtricks" type “attrib -s -h C:/Gudtechtricks"
This is the best way to unhide file using CMD.

To access the folder you saved here are 2 ways:
----->Go to C drive, and click on address bar.
           After this type the folder name like gudtechtricks. Then            you can see "C:\gudtechtricks" 
           The folder opens you can see it.

The other way to access the hidden files is
----->In your PC press "Windows button and R".
              The RUN box will open. In that box type  
           Now you can see the folder which you have hidden.
Thats it, hope that now you got hide files and folders and how to hide a folder in windows in 8. All these are encrypt files windows which are like password protect folders. In this way you can do a folder hide or lock the folder. If you have any queries regarding this post comment me, i will reply as soon as possible!!!!!.....
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How to download youtube videos without any software

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Download Youtube videos free

YouTube is the largest video sharing network where each person is interested to watch the videos, now a days youtube has became a addictive social networking site like facebook, but in this network the user can watch the video online or else they can download the video. Many people are very passionate in watching the videos, irrespective of their watching some needs to own a video. In such case we need to go through the paid version to the people who uploads that particular video. We can buy the video if its with low price, but in other case all the users are preferring the youtube downloader software. 
So if you are having the habbit of uploading and watching the videos on youtube, and if you need to free download youtube videos then follow this post, it will simply guide you to the easy tricks of how to download youtube videos. For this you need to have the java software on your device. For free download of java click here. 

Download video from youtube 

  • First go to the site
  • Check for the video you are interested to download. 
  • Go to the address bar and copy the video address link.
  • Go to enter the url you want to download and then click on download button there. Then your video starts downloading.
If you are using the youtube video downloader then the video starts downloading with the download manager. If you don't have any downloader software then you need to convert the link into FLV,MP4,3GP,AUDIO MP4 by selecting the required format link. 

Another Method to download youtube videos free online

This is another shortcut method to download youtube videos free mp4. Simply follow the below steps.
  • Go to 
  • Search for the video you want, select any videos you like.
  • To download that video simply add "ss" or "kiss" before the word youtube in the address bar.
Then you will be redirected to or websites just click on required formats like MP4 or 3 GP and download youtube video.
Hope now you got how to download youtube videos and save youtube video, but remember these online tools are against the youtube policies, so better to watch the videos online. If necessary you can go for opting these tools. If you have any queries regarding this post share with me using comment box!!!!!.....
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Download telegram for pc for free

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Telegram for PC (Windows 7/8)

Telegram is an instant messaging app which users can share messages, photos, videos, documents etc. Telegram is officially available for the Android, iOS, Windows Phones and now for the desktops or pc's for windows, linux and OS X versions. Usually many people download the telegram app in their smart phones but if you dont have a smartphone you can even get telegram app for pc. Telegram application is based on the security for public, it does not misleads the public. 

Telegram is one of the best messaging apps, which is having its own identity with a focus on speed and security its popular in the market like many apps We chat, Whatsapp, Whatsappplus etc. With this we can even download computer wallpaper. The telegram pc is best suited for pc messaging so download telegram as quickly as possible. 

Features of Telegram for PC

----->Telegram software allows the sending of videos upto 1GB, photos and all files. Its having the similar status like whatsapp application. 

----->Telegram messaging is mainly having the top security and speed to have a better communication, in this we can even create groups i.e. group chat of about 200 people. 
----->Conversations are encrypted with AES on the basis of MTP protocol so that the conversations does not record in the server, simply to say its having a self destruct program.
----->Its having the unlimited cloud storage for all the messages and media, this app does not have any subscriptions or ads. We can simply download this.

Download Telegram for MAC

Telegram application is generally used in the smartphones, now to get the same app in the PC having Mac OS you can visit mac app store. But the telegram download may be paid version in some sites, for free download telegram for pc mac click on the below button.
To download the telegram app for mac your device should have a MAC OS X 10.6.6 version or new version. The same process is also for the free download telegram messenger. 

Download Telegram for PC

Here's a simple way to get telegram for pc download. Dont ever go in a typical way, here's the simple process to get the same app in windows 7, windows 8 PC. In case if you get any errors while installation then update your device with graphics driver latest version.
  • First download the bluestacks app player which is pc software free download in your device from here. 

  • Install the Bluestacks on your device and then find the search box in the tool bar, and type bluestacks messaging app. 
  • As soon as you get the telegram icon click on the install button.  

Hope that now you got how to download telegram app for pc using pc games free download. If you having any queries regarding telegram for pc free download feel free to comment. we will respond you as soon as possible!!!!!.....

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Tricks to share Internet from iPhone,iPad with MAC

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Share Hotspot iPhone, iPad to mac

What is Mobile Hotspot?
Mobile Hotspot or portable hot spot are portable devices or features on mobiles or smartphones that provides wireless internet connectivity on many devices like laptops, mp3, gaming devices etc. Here are some of the tricks to share internet from iphone, ipad with Mac to get mac instant hotspot. 
Apple has released another new continuity of instant Hotspot of iPhone and iPad to share the internet connection with Mac device. Its really great with the apple that it has a lot of features and more over when we connect the iphone, ipad to mac using instant hotspot, it will never ask password or other queries. We can directly enable the hotspot for iphone  using iphone tethering.   

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Now simply follow the steps to share the internet connection with your mac using iphone, ipad. The instant hotspot is really helpful for you to share the net connectivity. Now i will tell you, how to share internet connection from iPhone, iPad with Mac, with this guide you can get the free internet connectivity. Simply follow the steps.
First check whether your device supports the necessary requirements or not. If the device does not fulfill with these requirements, then please do not follow this guide.
  • For internet sharing the apple id used for iphone and mac device should be same.
  • Check whether your device iphone or ipad is installed with iOS 8
  • Mac should be installed with OS X Yosemite software also called as Yosemite OS X or new version.
  • Last requirement is check for Bluetooth LE. 

Steps to Share Connection Using Instant Hotspot

To tether your mac with iphone and ipad for connectivity you need to follow the simple steps, then you will be able to share the net with hotspot shield iphone.
----->First you need to download the instant hotspot on your iphone or ipad and then enable the hotspot, for that click on settings, select hotspot and turn it ON. 
----->Turn ON your Wifi in Mac device, wifi finder will be in the top menu bar. 
----->Now we need to connect WiFi+Cellular.
----->After this in the personal hotspots choose any of the devices like iphone or ipad for internet connectivity.
----->With this iphone wifi hotspot will be enabled, you can tether in Mac.
This is all about hotspot on iphone to surf in mac, by using the iphone hotspot app or ipad hotspot, the internet surfing will be easier and faster. This was mostly used in the iphone 4 wifi and iphone 4 bluetooth. For any queries regarding this, feel free to comment!!!!!.....

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How to make money online with youtube

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     Make money with YouTube

Is it possible to make money online? 
Many people are having such type of questions but the fact is that yes dam surely we can earn money online. If you observe any video in a search engine, before the video starts, there comes a ads, we will simply skip the ads or we will close it, but actually that video ads earns the money to the user (Blogger) and to the search engines. There's a huge amount of money transfer over this. This platform is related to the highness of creative ideas that are to performed in a video or a post.  In this process, You Tube is the best way to earn money because, You Tube videos are very popular and the sharing of a video is also easy, rather than this the adsense approval from youtube will be getting easier. The thing you need to do is to upload different videos.  
YouTube videos are very fasinating that evey one will be interested to watch. There are many tips to make money online, even a blog make money online. But to build a blog it takes lot of time, in fact you should know how to make money blogging. The creative ways to make money online through the youtube videos is you need to upload different youtube funny videos, youtube music videos, top youtube videos, youtube video songs, youtube videos music etc along with this when the users watch youtube videos then also the earnings starts. Simply upload the best youtube videos.

Step by Step process for "How to make money on youtube videos"

----->Create a youtube account with the short keyword names so that people can easily remember. If you already have an existing account then simply change the name.  
----->After creating the account, start uploading the content. Download the high quality videos and upload, dont worry if your videos are not going good, because it will improve and takes some time. Simply donot download the video and upload it, better to do some editing work. 
----->Spread your videos using the social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit. Better to keep the starting image in a attractive way so that by seeing the video users will click on it.
----->Upload the content more frequently and keep on uploading only the new videos. If your page is going well then remove the copyrighted content from your design. Atleast Subscribe minimum of 500 users to your site.   
----->Its essential to work with youtube and become a youtube partner. After that apply for the google adsense account for free. Follow the instructions and create a account, some times it wont access the account quickly but dont wexed up, keep on continuing to do so.
----->Provide a validatory email address in the account and fill with perfect address of you. Ensure that your identity is correct. Once your account is activated you will be redirected to get the money. 
----->For each and every ads that users view and click will be paid to you. Dont click on your own ads, for that the account may be disapproved. You can earn money online us.
Hope that now you know how to make money online without any investment. In this you can update most viewed youtube videos and also you can unblock youtube videos. Upload funny youtube videos and earn money. Have a nice time in earning money. If you have any queries feel free to comment!!!!!.....
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How to download Whatsapp Plus for Android without losing data

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WhatsApp Plus Free download

Whatsapp plus Cracked!!!!!
Whatsapp is the best messaging and most popular app these days, it has been now owned by the top social networking site, facebook. Rather whatsapp, the new whatsapp plus is stunning in the world today. Many users have got the whatsapp, but to upgrade to whatsapp plus they have have a doubt that old messages will be deleted. Its correct, but here is the new way to download whats app plus without losing the data for kitkat Android. Lets have a look about some new and exiting features of Whatsapp plus. 

Whatsapp plus Features

Whatsapp plus is a moderate change of whatsapp, which is having a new look and is user interface, many features have been extended in this app.
----->New whats app plus icon colour is blue, it can be customized to different colours red, green, purple, orange etc. Even the background and the chat header colours can also be changed. 
----->Whatsapp plus media is extended with the uploading limit till 16mb even that can be increased to 50 mb, for that you need to go to settings and change.
----->Whatsapp picture message is not so good because whatsapp reduces the pic quality and size while sending, which was avoided in whatsapp plus as the pic message size and quality is excellent.
----->Old whatsapp does not have the voice messages feature but the new whatsapp i.e. whatsapp plus is having the voice messaging same as Wechat.
----->Status of your friends is shown just below the chat icon, more over you can open your friends chat and check the media send by them. 
----->New themes have been launched by whatsapp plus to change your screen, to have a great look.
----->You can even upload your location and share it your friends and you can also send multiple messages in groups, even this message colour can also be changed for  different read messages, unread messages, pending messages etc. 

How to Download and Install Whatsapp Plus for Android and also Restore your Old Whatsapp Messages

----->First step you need to do is download Whatsapp plus apk app from here and guys whatsapp plus is not available in google play store. Download latest version of whatsapp from here. 
----->After downloading dont install it, because first you need to remove old whatsapp, before that, take backup of your old vesion so that you can save the data. 
----->To take backup, go to settings, select chat settings, then click on backup conversations. 
----->After backing up, simply delete the old whatsapp and install the whatsapp plus apk free download. 
----->When the installation is completed, it shows a screen with blue colour welcome screen click on continue, now it will ask for mobile number and Name, type it. 

----->Now it will initialize your whatsapp and it takes time to load your messages, click on continue, you can see your new whatsapp plus with your old messages. It is also same for whatsapp.
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Hope that you have got the latest whatsapp download, and this app is availabe in different versions like descargar whatsapp plus, whatsapp app plus installieren, whatsapp plus kostenlos, whatsapp plus aktualisieren etc what ever may be the language, whatsapp plus for android 4.4.4 installation processs is same. check out here. For any queries comment on below box!!!!!.....

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3 Best Free Antivirus for Mac computers

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Top free Antivirus

Antivirus or anti-virus or anti-malware is a software that is used to prevent, detect, remove or kill computer viruses. Now a days the viruses are infecting the pc and Mac's as Trojan, worms, backdoors, ransomware, hijackers etc. So anti-virus has became an essential software which should be installed on every system before it gets crashed. In this article I will tell about 3 Best top antivirus for Mac computers. Now the question may arise that "Do mac need antivirus software" Don't conclude by your self, read here to get mac free. 

This is really a typical question which is being arised since the beginning of mac computers. But indirectly Apple has reveiled that if mac does not require antivirus then Apple also does not any antivirus software. For safer hands we can install a antivirus that can protect  our documents, files etc. Here are the best free antivirus for Mac, you can have a great look over here. 

Top Antivirus for Mac:

Avast free Antivirus for Mac

Avast Mac security is a best antivirus which has made its name first on Windows. Now it is moved on to Mac computers for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and Linux users. It is very easy to download and does not slow down the system. It runs at the background and notifies you about the alerts and notifications. For free download Avast Antivirus for Mac computers, click here. 

Avast protect the system with the secure DNS which protects the router and also scans your network for potential security. It's a user interface software which is available in 45 languages. It's main features are
----->On-demand scan, On-access scan, Boot time scans
----->Heuristics, email security, web protection

ClamXav Free Antivirus for Mac

ClamXav is a free virus scanner for Mac which is a cross platform software that can detect malicious threats. It gets updated several times in a day and also it begins with a comparative test on shadow server. It uses the open source antivirus engine as a back end and detects both the Windows and Mac threats. ClamXav is one of free Antivirus mac that scans in a powerful manner. You can get this software for free of cost. For free download clamxav antivirus for Mac computers click here. 

 It scans only the files which you tell to it or you can prefer the entire scan. ClamXav is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5 and OS X 10.8. Its features are
----->Lists infected files, updates daily
----->Customise tool bar, selected files- quarantine or trash.
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Comodo Antivirus for Mac

Comodo is a leading internet security provider with complete protection. Comodo group is a privately held group which provides computer software and SSL digital certificates. Comodo first introduced the antivirus for Android and has succeeded a lot in Android and now has faded to Mac to provide a full security for Mac users. It has a complete protection against Trojan, worms.Comodo is easy to download just you need to follow the steps as it ensures you or directs you. Go on step by step for free download Mac free Antivirus. For Comodo Antivirus free download for Mac computers click here. 

 It gets updated by itself when we are in online. Comodo is available in three editions: Complete, Pro and a core free edition. All these contains the security features, technical support and storage back up. It's features are
----->Personal firewall, sandbox
----->Host-based intrusion prevention system

These are the top free Antivirus 2014/2015 for Mac computers. I hope you have got an idea about these free Antivirus review. You can also review these by commenting below!!!!!.....

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Android v5.0 Lollipop

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Android Lollipop

Android Lollipop is the largest ambitious release for the Android. This release is expanded with the new features that can be passed over to the phones, tablets, wearables (smartwatches), TV'S, cars and many Android widgets. Many questions have been arising that Android Lollipop features are going to beat iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 which are a huge steps of Apple models but these have been missing some features like audio messaging, quick type keyboard and other. Google's Android 5.0 lollipop is having key features which are listed in Android website, but here am specifying some key developer features of Android. 
----->Design: Android 5.0 is designed with 3D views and real time shadows, it has animated motions which can be shared with visual elements. Ripple animations is a new built in this.
----->Apps: It is provided with a Android TV that can create good experience for a game or app and also supports the interactions with other devices. All the apps of previous Android versions are supported in this with the Android game development.
----->Connectivity: Having the advanced connectivity of Bluetooth which can allow both central and peripheral modes. It has multi networking features like wifi, cellular, metered and other network features.
----->Graphics: Designed with high performance graphics that can support 2D and 3D. This Android 5.0 has introduced AEP (Android Extension Pack) which can access geometry shaders, texture compression, interpolation and advanced rendering capabilities.
----->Audio: Audio captured is designed with the low-latency input. It includes a fast capture, track, channel count and bit depth. Has multi channel stream mixing that allows the audio apps to mixup with channels.
----->Camera and video: Introduced an enhanced new camera API that will capture the raw formats and controls the exposure time. Other than images you can capture meta data like noise, information. 
Android developer tools have been successfully launched the lollipop 5.0 version. In future it can also be available in the Google Android Market as Android 5.0 lollipop updates. The Google Android developers have been working on this Android OS download and it may arise in the upcoming Android phones. 
This article has given the information about the Android Version. Share if you like this post. For more info watch this video...
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